Our Take on the Rand Paul vs George Stephanopoulos Ballot Spat (video)

Although Sen. Paul did a good job defending himself an ideal response would have been something like this. George Stephanopoulos’ argument as it is a lie of omission. AG Bill Barr did indeed say there was no widespread fraud but what George leaves out is that DoJ refused to investigate it honestly.

Whistleblowers who went to the FBI were either hung up upon, not called back or in the case of a USPS whistleblower, instead of taking down his information, tried to intimidate him into changing his story. Then the FBI lied to the Washington Post immediately after his interview and claimed he recanted when he did not. The entire attempt to intimidate him was recorded by Project Veritas who wired the whistleblower up as they expected such chicanery from an FBI which has proved to be corrupt.

If anyone doubts us on this said refutation should be easy to find. Show us the report from AG Bill Barr/DoJ which shows how they investigated all of this, interviewed the hundreds of witnesses, seriously followed up on the whistleblowers’ claims, examined all of the evidence, as well as the reports from the data scientists – no one can because no such report exists.

As far as the evidence presented under oath to state legislatures there has been no serious effort to refute it.

George Stephanopoulos used to be a communications director for the Clintons.


List of 81 Election Fraud Cases And NOT ONE SINGLE COURT Has Allowed Evidence to be Argued – LINK

And one day after the previous article …..Republicans Win First Post Election Lawsuit – LINK

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