Democrats Advancing Citizen Disarmament Agenda While Opposing Mental Health Reform.

We have been talking about this subject for years

There is very little we could add to the column we wrote after Adam Lanza went on his schizophrenia inspired rampage in 2012. We suggest everyone go read that column now and come back when finished: 


1 – Democrats have been blocking serious mental health reform in Congress and fighting mental illness reform in the states. The ACLU successfully defeated laws in Connecticut and other states that allow forced treatment for the dangerously mentally ill arguing that people have a right to be mentally ill. We refute this dangerous idiocy in our 2012 column

Democrats filibustered legislation in the Senate to add mental health records to the National Instant Back Ground Check Service (NICS) that is used for gun purchases. 

Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made it clear that when it comes to mental health, don’t go there

2 – Democrat prosecutors have all but refused to prosecute federal gun crimes against real criminals.

3 – When the Commission on School Safety recommended that we harden our school buildings, have armed  security protecting our children and crack down on bullying Democrat’s mocked it and called it racist. Why are sporting events, concerts and banks better secured than our schools? 

Would be murdering sociopaths need to understand that going to a school to cause mayhem amounts to a near instant death sentence.  

School boards have no incentive to crack down on bullying as several bullies tend to gang up on a few victims. School administrators find it easier to silence the victim. If there is no victim administrators can say “there is no bullying in my school.” Loudoun County, Virginia Schools after a “trans” boy sexually assaulted two girls in girl’s bathrooms the school board went after the victims and their families

In this case the shooter was bullied until he dropped out of school. 

4 – We must never forget that the Biden Administration which desperately wants you to be helpless and disarmed gave the Taliban $80 billion worth of weapons

5 – Remember that the Biden Administration is using the FBI to target parents for demanding reforms at school board meetings to keep children safe. 

6 – Joe Biden blames the gun lobby. Really? BigTech spent $34 million on lobbying in 2020, BigPharma spent $314 million, the NRA spent $2.2 million.

7 – No matter what the problem is the Democrats have a short list of solutions; restrict 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, raise taxes, and decimate domestic energy, food and lumber production.

Tucker’s May 25th show is a great follow-up to the show above. We suggest you watch the entire episode HERE

Tucker’s May 26th show is here and he covers the lack of police response HERE

72 thoughts on “Democrats Advancing Citizen Disarmament Agenda While Opposing Mental Health Reform.”


    Police face growing criticism over response to Texas school shooting as parents speak out

    Ramos shot most of his victims inside the school within the first few minutes of entering, Escalon said. He was unable to explain why it took an hour for a federal special weapons team to enter the classroom and kill the gunman.

    As chaos engulfed the small, predominately Latino community outside the school, some Uvalde residents — including parents who lost children — criticized the police response. Videos posted on social media, apparently recorded outside the school during the shooting, show law enforcement personnel drew weapons on parents and pinned one parent to the ground to prevent them from entering the building.

    “Everyone was like, ‘What’s going on?’ ” said Derek Sotelo, 26, who was outside the school Tuesday with a friend whose son is a Robb student. The friend was frantically trying to get police to go in — or go in himself. “What the heck’s going on? Why aren’t they going in? What are they waiting for?”

    His friend, he said, screamed at a cop: ‘Man, give me your vest. You’re not doing nothing with it! Give me that vest and I’ll go in and kill that guy!”

    Law enforcement experts across the country said the police response in the working-class city of about 16,000 appeared to fall significantly short of national best practices for dealing with active shooters in school.

    “Charge. Don’t wait. Run toward the threat and engage,” said Art Acevedo, the former police chief of Houston, Austin and Miami.

    “We learned after Columbine and other mass shooting incidents that in a world of high-capacity firearms, the carnage occurs quickly and not engaging immediately is not an option, especially when shots are actively ringing out,” Acevedo said.

    Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-San Antonio) on Thursday urged the FBI to investigate local law enforcement actions. “The people of Uvalde, of Texas, and of the nation deserve an accurate account of what transpired,” he wrote in a letter to the FBI.

  2. Democrats still insist there is no mental health problem. They keep blocking reforms in the Senate the courts.

    Dems filibustered a bill to improve mental health reporting to the NICS background check database.

  3. When they want it about guns they say it is about “the children.”

    When it is about abortion money for Planned Parenthood they can’t kill “the children” fast enough.

  4. Joe Biden says that our rights are not absolute, meaning that he gets to decide what constitutional rights you have, when you have them and when you don’t.

    Gun free zones are a magnet for evil. 94% of mass shootings happen in gin free zones. If you read the “manifestos” of these deranged killers they say that they targeted a “gun free zone.”

    You are not a danger to children, yet it’s your rights they want to take away while crime prosecutions and federal gun prosecutions are at all time lows.

    Look at how many repeat offenders are killing people today just like the madman who drive his SUV into a holiday parade.

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