Stop The Hype – What Happened Today Was Mild by 2020 Standards

Oh no! A few people, and reportedly most were ANTIFA, broke into the House chamber and took video of themselves mocking the Speaker of the House on the House floor.

So what. Occupy has pulled stunts like this for years. It is largely symbolic.

After the fraud that voters have been through, the reveal of how corrupt the courts are and how the corrupt big money interests have too much influence over the leadership of both parties, a few people storming the bastille is mild compared to what could have happened.

Keep in mind that leftists broke into the Capitol to protest Kavanaugh and the media treated it like it was just fine:

That said, it seems the worst thing that happened today is that allegedly a police officer killed a protestor by wrongfully firing his weapon out a window which struck Ashley Babbitt in the neck and killed her.

No businesses were burned down, Trump supporters were not hunting down political opponents or murdering retired police chiefs like the media excused ANTIFA/BLM for doing. Whole swaths of the city were not burned down. Biden campaign staffers were paying the bail of the looters and arsonists.

What you have here is case of hype and media idiocy trying to create narratives that are simply not justified by the facts. Here is a video of Trump supporters protecting the police from ANTIFA – LINK

In short we agree with Tim Pool but include the Dems and elite media in this:

Famed attorney Robert Barnes, who is a political insider and was in the Capitol during todays events has a great perspective:

As did Scott Adams:

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