A Great Warrior Goes to Heaven. Mike Adams Dead at 55.

Mike Adams was a friend of mine as he was to so many. I am devastated to hear of his loss. I am saddened and angry that he has been taken from us. To say he will be missed seems so inadequate.

Dr. Mike Adams

Campus Communists called him a racist and every other “ist” because they could never come close to winning an argument against him. Adams’ brilliant use of snark, sarcasm and irony drove his intellectually and morally questionable opponents to just snap.

There was nothing racist about Mike Adams. Adams was a dedicated Christian and would tell you to your face that it is impossible to love God and hate His creation (people no matter who they are). Adams was very effective and fighting censorship of the neo-Stalinist far left. He won every battle he engaged in. They violated his free speech & religious faith rights so he took them to court and won. Adam’s stood for freedom tempered by personal responsibility, so the enemies of freedom hated him. It is just that simple.

Students who were not indoctrinated by the communists on campus loved him. He was voted “Teacher of the Year” on multiple occasions, won awards for good service and was an outstanding professor.

I encourage everyone to take the time to watch the following videos to see just what kind of Man Mike Adams was. You will see what a gifted intellectual he was and how he gave so much to the world around us.

Dr. Mike Adams speaks at ADF event on his legal victory against UNC-Wilmington

Dr. Mike Adams ICON Lecture Series on Cultural Marxism – March 7 2017

The State of Free Speech on Campus | Mike Adams | Raleigh Freedom Conference Feb 9, 2019

Mike Adams, How an Atheist Professor Became a Voice for Faith

Of course the Marxist/Communists are on social media reveling in Adams’ passing. Mike would be amused to see the vile hate posted by Marxist/Communist authoritarians who hated the fact that he defeated them over and over. If you judge the character of a man by the nature of his enemies than Adams is one of the greats.

7 thoughts on “A Great Warrior Goes to Heaven. Mike Adams Dead at 55.”

  1. I cannot thank you enough for this post. I live in Wilmington, NC and even graduated from UNC-W. To be honest, I did not know, nor had I ever met Professor Mike Adams. I had, however, seen, read, and heard about the court case regarding his First Amendment rights. From what I took from the media’s comments, I thought Professor Mike Adams was an “asshole” out to make a name for himself as a UNC-W tenured professor. I read only the parts of his letters, etc. the media wanted the public to read. And these words appeared to be racist, sexually discriminating, cocky, and patronizing only a self righteous, arrogant human being would publish.
    Upon reading his words in their entirety and watching several videos such as the one posted did I begin to “get the true picture” of the kind of man Mike Adams was. I am now ashamed of the fact that I dismissed Mr. Adams as an “ass” whose only intention was to make my Alma Mater appear to be an ignorant institution not worthy of being a college, much less a part of the University of NC.
    I often now wonder how many others have been bullied and made out to be incompetent in their careers or knowledge by the media only presenting and publishing what they believe will “sell”. I am certain it has happened more times than I can count.
    With this being said, I apologize for thinking negatively regarding Mike Adams. I, as a graduate of UNC-W also apologize for the actions of the professors, deans, Board of Directors, and anyone affiliated with this “Institution of Higher Learning” that may have had anything to do with Mike Adams feeling so incompetent that he would even consider taking his life, much less, following through with it.

    1. Political Arena Editor Responds: Thank you for this.

      As far as suicide, you have to understand that Prof. Adams had near Tony Robbins level of optimism. Adams would also consider suicide a grave sin.

      The idea that it is suicide just days before he got his huge settlement doesn’t fly with us for a nanosecond.

    2. Thank you for taking time to express your revelations about Mike Adams. Those of us who considered him a fried and Brother appreciate it very much. Especially in light of the outpouring of disgusting hate being spewed.

  2. This is the first truly honest report I’ve read about Mike. Thank you so much for capturing a true picture of him in words.
    I am still in shock and I am angry! Someone stole our hero, our friend. I am however comforted by the knowledge that Mike is enjoying the fruits of his labors in the arms of our Lord and Savior.
    I’ll be watching for more information regarding his death. Justice must be served.

  3. Following a 35 year career at Bellsouth, my father served as Chancellor Leutze’s assistant at UNCW for 10 years from the mid-90s to early 00s. He was tasked with bridging the academic community with the Wilmington business community that he knew well. If he was alive today, my father would be outraged at the abuse & injustice Mike received by leftists at UNCW.

    Sadly, the abuse that Mike experienced is just the tip of the iceberg. I am hopeful that President Trump will enforce penalties for violations of the civil rights against conservative students, faculty & staff that is endemic on public university campuses across the US today. It is no small irony that the very people who purportedly champion diversity & inclusion are themselves intolerant & abusive toward conservative voices on their campuses. This must stop now!

  4. Thank you for taking time to express your revelations about Mike Adams. Those of us who considered him a friend and Brother appreciate it very much. Especially in light of the outpouring of disgusting hate being spewed.

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