Why the Globalist Left and Corporate are Media So Desperate to Smear Giorgia Meloni.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni

UPDATE – YouTube is banning PM Meloni’s viral speech… So we uploaded it on Rumble. UPDATE II – Under harsh criticism, YouTube restored the video.

The far left and their corporate media allies are all the same. If you are not some form of neo-marxist than you are a far right fascist worse than Hitler, because after all, Hitler drank water too!

What they do not tell you is that fascism is a form of Marxism. In fascism instead of the state taking ownership of business they allow private ownership but control those in charge of business and finance. They can either control it outright or merge mega-corporations and banks with government to be agents of the state

This is exactly what we are seeing with woke corporations. Companies like Disney who are doing the bidding of the Democratic Party, banks and investment firms like Blackrock investing your money for leftist political causes instead of for the benefit of the people whose money they are investing, or with BigTech coordinating with the Biden Administration in an illegal vast censorship enterprise

Examination of Giorgia Meloni’s speeches and policy proposals show that she and her party blast corporations as being too powerful and are strident against the merging of corporation and state as a threat to democracy.  If anything this makes Meloni’s Party the most anti-fascist in Europe.

The left creates a false choice that it is impossible to be anti-marxist (anti-woke) and anti-fascist at the same time. Fascism, has always been just another flavor of Marxism. 

Meloni also speaks a great deal about family and traditional Western values that set us up to be free and prosperous in the first place. There is a reason that the self professed Marxist BLM organization stated that one of their primary goals was the destruction of the traditional nuclear family. 

Below is a key portion of her recent remarks that have gone viral. Tucker Carlson and Kari Lake provide some accurate perspective. Also below is Prime Minister Meloni’s full speech. Be sure to watch her full speech, it really is a must see.

Prime Minister Meloni’s complete speech.


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