Judge Cannon’s Response to DoJ’s Panicked Special Master Motions

Judge Aileen Cannon

Judge Cannon delivered a reasoned and measured smackdown of the Biden Department of Justice (DoJ) nary unhinged motions (12) trying to intimidate Judge Aileen Cannon into reversing herself or staying her ruling to appoint a special master to act a a neutral referee over the dispute between President Trump and the Biden Administration. 

In their previous two filings the DoJ asserted that President Trump is guilty and the court should presume it so, that, Trump never declassified the documents and stole them based on the DoJ’s word with no evidence and that Trump has no standing to sue because none of the documents the FBI took are actually his (even though they took medical records, news clippings, and even articles of clothing). 

The DoJ even stated that Trump should have to prove himself innocent at the get-go, in spite of the fact that most of the “FBI affidavit” is redacted so he does not know exactly what he is supposed to be defending himself against and in spite of the fact that the FBI did not give Trump’s lawyers a precise inventory of what was taken as per the rules. 

The DoJ asserted that Trump has no executive privilege, in spite of laws and case law that clearly state otherwise. The DoJ also claimed that allowing a special master to view the documents marked classified would cause grave harm to the United States. 

Judge Cannon is having none of it. Cannon points out that leaks of these documents were not getting leaked until they were taken from Mar-a-Lago by the FBI so who was actually more secure?

[Editor’s Note – Most “leaks from anonymous sources” in the press are lies designed to get big play in corporate media in an attempt to taint any possible jury pool while everyone else is effectively gagged.]

Cannon also points out that the DoJ is asking her to simply presume a series of compound premises (some stated above) without evidence. Standing case law from the 11th Circuit prohibits judges from simply accepting the government’s conclusions in their filings before they are proven and/or litigated.
Famed litigators Robert Gouveia and Robert Barnes go over Judge Cannon’s ruling in the videos below. This is most entertaining and worth your time.