Martha’s Vineyard’s Insufferable Virtue Signaling. Hundreds of Job & Vacancy Postings.

You have seen the video. Martha’s Vineyard claims it does not have the housing or the infrastructure to support 48 Venezuelan immigrants fleeing communist oppression, but Airbnb shows plenty of vacancy’s. Indeed shows over 25 pages of job listings. This after inviting illegal aliens to come after they declared themselves a sanctuary.

Meanwhile in Texas:

Why Are Woke Democrats So Invested in Sexualizing Very Young Children?

Cartoon by Antonio F. Branco

This seems to be the hill that the woke left wants to die on. Democrats putting porn in grade schools, taking kids to drag shows, talking to them about sex at extremely young ages and showing them “cartoon porn.”  While grooming kids for sexual exploitation they try to have words like “grooming” banned. Pedophiles are now “Minor Attracted Persons.”

Democrat governors, the Department of Education, teacher’s unions, school boards, and woke corporations such as PayPal have openly sided with Democrats who are openly pushing this as if they are proud of it. They have to know that this is an open invitation to child predator’s. Remember that Catholic Church scandal?