Tucker: Democrats Pushing Electric Cars While Undermining Electrical Grid. Lithium Batteries Environmentally Unfriendly.

Tucker Carlson explains how Democrats, especially in California and Virginia, are moving to ban gas powered cars while at the same time undermining the electrical grid. China has 80% of the electric battery and solar market cornered.

This is a part of the “Green New Deal” and ESG agenda being pushed by the World Economic Forum and the progressive left.  

Democrats are sabotaging our electrical grid while pushing for electric cars.  Electric vehicles are tiny percentage of cars on the road and the grid cannot handle that charging now. When the electric mandate kicks in it will all fall apart. Democrats will change their story to, “You can’t own a car, everyone will have to use public transportation.”

Realizing this, Virginia is already in the process of reversing their EV law.

Russia, China, and India are having none of this nonsense. In Europe and around the world, “Green New Deal” policies are causing riots, food and energy shortages, unemployment and in some places even complete economic collapse

Europe Moving Rapidly Toward Energy & Food Supply Collapse

The “Green New Deal” was not just a slogan invented by Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and picked up by Joe Biden. It is a part of  greeter ideology being pushed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) ran by Klaus Schwab made famous recently such as comments like “you will own nothing and be happy.“ This greater ideology implementation is called “Environmental Social Governance” (ESG).

The other parts of the ESG philosophy are to cut farms down by 50% to shrink the global food supply and eliminate the eating of meat by regular people (you) in favor of insect and algae protein.

The sister ideology coming from the WEF is called “The Great Reset.” The Great Reset is the elimination owning virtually any property by regular people and most all you have will be obtained through a rental/subscription model. Government and big business will partner together to make all this happen.
There is a certain economic philosophy that involves a form of socialism where big business and government come together and that philosophy was pushed real hard by Giovanni Gentile & and some funny looking Italian guy named Benito. This is not a conspiracy theory they say this very openly and their world economic forum meetings which are all on video that everyone can look up.

The results of ESG so far have been skyrocketing energy prices, inflation, food shortages, empty shelves, and other supply chain problems. There are already riots and mass protests in many countries. Sri Lanka, which was the farthest along and implementing ESG, is in complete economic collapse. 

Europe is expecting to see mass power outages due to lack of electricity and gas this winter. While the left blames these shortages and inflation solely on the Ukrainian war, the simple truth is because of ESG implementation Europe has been ramping down its own coal, natural gas and nuclear power resources for some years now, much like California but much further along.

The United States has more than enough coal, oil and natural gas to make us completely energy independent and take care of most of Europe’s needs but instead the Democrats are content with letting manty Europeans freeze to death rather than stray from implementation of the Green New Deal.

Tucker Carlson goes into great detail. This is a must see. In the second video Tucker explains how Democrats, especially in California, are moving to ban gas powered cars while at the same time undermining the electrical grid. China has 80% of the electric battery and solar market cornered.

Sky News Australia: The Progressive/ESG War on Farming. Says the Holland government, “Some farmers will just have to go out of business.”

Why China and Russia Will Never Accept “Green New Deal” Alarmism


The Green New Deal has impacted not just the United States, but Sri Lanka and much of Europe much more. While we have just begun to feel the economic damage, for Russia and China it would be much worse. 

Because China has so many people, they need every form of energy they can get their hands on. If they tried to reduce coal, oil or natural gas their economy would crater. China also gets a major portion of its oil and natural gas through shipping lanes that goes through two of the worlds strategic natural choke points that the US Navy could easily exploit to cut China off. The first is the Strait of Malacca, the second is the Strait of Hormuz, has so much US military infrastructure nearby it would be virtually impossible for China to overcome it. 

China is spending trillions on pipelines from the middle-east to get by this strategic weakness, but with American stealth technology we could bomb said pipelines easily, but if China could get new oil and gas pipelines and shipping from Russia it would solve their mutual energy problems. This is why US policy and pressure from the World Economic Forum (WEF) pushing Russia and China closer together out of economic necessity is one of the greatest geo-political strategic blunders in world history. 

If global warming is real, which China and Russia simply do not believe, they almost certainly hope it is as it would yield key geo-political benefits. Russia would enjoy northern sea ports that are frozen over fewer months of the year.  These ports are near major oil and gas fields. Russia would also gain a massive agricultural advantage from warming due to its northern latitude. 

These and other geo-political reasons are explained in the videos below demonstrate in so many ways why Russia and China will never accept anything like the “Green New Deal” or the less spoken part of the plan to cut farming by 50 percent.