Panicked: Biden DoJ Sends Freakish Second Filing To Pressure Judge To Revoke Special Master Over Trump Docs

The first filing that President Biden’s Department of Justice (DoJ) sent to the Judge Cannon was outrageous in its claims as we covered in detail previously.

This second filing is a panicky attempt at more of the same. Biden’s DoJ is desperate to keep a neutral special master from reviewing the documents the government claims are classified.

This time the DoJ demands that Trump prove his innocence in advance, without having even seen unredacted affidavit which has the FBI/DoJ’s claims against him. Remember this? This “burden shifting” turns the Constitution on its head as it is the DoJ who has to prove Trump did something wrong beyond a reasonable doubt, and considering the status of current case law on presidential/personal records that is likely impossible.

The DoJ’s filing does not just get the law wrong but the facts as well. President Trump published his official memorandum declassifying all of the “Russian Collusion” documents which prove how the FBI lied to the courts and manufactured evidence to accuse Trump of treason.

Memorandum on Declassification of Certain Materials Related to the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation – LINK.

When the Trump Administration declassified the documents showing how the FBI repeatedly lied to the FISA Court in order to spy on him, Democrats, corrupt national security officials and their corporate media allies had meltdowns claiming that Trump would reveal sources and methods that would have grave national security consequences, none of which turned out to be true. 

Trump also had a standing order, as most presidents do, stating that any documents he takes out of the White House are declassified. Constitutionally speaking, as verified by case law, it is constitutionally impossible for a President to mishandle classified documents as the President gets his authority form Article II of the Constitution and there is no higher law.

Famed defense attorney Robert Gouveia goes over the Biden Administration’s latest filing in detail in the video below showing just how unhinged the governments claims are. They are treating Judge Cannon as if she is an idiot and have been acting in bad faith.

This part of the government’s filing is most amusing. Biden DoJ is claiming the authority to decide if a President’s authority to declassify a document is legit. This putting the FBI’ over the President and Article II of the Constitution, not to mention a mountain of case law: 

How Corporate Media Reacted to Trump Documents vs Classified Documents on Hillary’s Illegal Home Email Server

Presidents have the authority to declassify documents at will. Presidents can determine what is a government document and what is a personal document. Among presidential government documents a former president can restrict access to most any document he wishes for 12 years after he leaves office according to the Presidential Records Act. Hillary Clinton was merely a Secretary of State and did not have declassification authority.

FBI Seizes Phone from “My Pillow” Guy for Supporting Trump

The Soveitization of America is what Tucker Carlson called it.  It is difficult to disagree. The FBI has been seizing the phones of prominent Trump supporters across the country on a fishing expedition to try and embarrass and spy on anyone they can. Maybe they think they can find the nuclear codes in one of his pillows. 

FBI is also going after lawyers who represent Trump, such as Jenna Ellis,  in an attempt to illegally breach attorney client privilege. The FBI is lawless as is the Biden Administration. The most lawless administration since Joe Biden was Vice President

“My Pillow Guy” Mike Lindell

And just a little flashback to 2016: