JP tells us how to deal with people who believe the corporate media narrative (video)

Know people who are sure to tune in Rachel Maddow so they who they are supposed to be worshipping and virtue signaling about this week, be it Fauci, Pfizer, Zelensky or CRT?
Know the “I support the current thing” guy? JP made this video just for them:

Editor’s Note: We do not like Vladimir Putin. He is a power hungry kleptocrat dictator. Being a power hungry kleptocrat dictator he was easily manipulated and incentivized to invade Ukraine at every turn.
President Zelensky was also manipulated by the west into believing that he could get NATO membership while running the most corrupt country in Europe bilking Ukraine for almost $600 million for himself in a short time. Millions of Ukrainians are paying the price.

Before the invasion Zelensky had been waging war against Russians who live in the Ukrainian provinces bordering Russia and the corporate media has been silent about it. That said while we admire the Ukrainian people’s will to fight off the invaders, when it comes to the political leadership of both countries and Biden, there are no good guys here.

We understand the importance of using economic sanctions to slow down power mad dictators from using their nation’s wealth to advance their own schemes. While we support the sanctions it is important to keep in mind that in the process millions of innocents will suffer. Sanctions did not work to stop Saddam Hussein or the Iranian Mullah’s. Sanctions just slow them down. Keeping Russians from eating McDonalds and Papa Johns is not going to stop the Russian military. 

Situations like this have few “good” answers and every truth is nuanced. The corporate media does not do nuance and they do not do objective reality.

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