Video captures man crawling out of govt hospital after dismissing his pleas for help

The government run Canadian hospital showed crass and callous indifference to this man’s suffering. They mocked him. They did this because the public is not who they are accountable to. They are accountable to a government bean counter who could care less, which is made obvious by what is seen here.

The government hospital tried to cover it up using every bogus reason they could. Their privacy argument is laughable as one has no expectation of privacy when serving the public on behalf of the state.

The discipline didn’t happen because the man was mistreated, it only happened after the two years of cover up eventually failed and the scandal went public.


David Pontone’s voice still shakes as he recalls having to crawl out of Toronto’s Humber River Hospital on his hands and knees.

“The pain was unbearable,” said Pontone. “To be able to walk properly was impossible.”

It happened on April 18, 2018, but involved a lengthy battle for his family to obtain video footage of the event.

The 45-year-old had gone to emergency, complaining of excruciating pain in his legs.

“They thought I was faking it because I was bipolar,” Pontone told Go Public. “There are no words to describe what I went through that night.”


An ambulance took him to Toronto Western Hospital in downtown Toronto, where a neurologist diagnosed Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the nerves.

Yours truly knows someone with this disorder. It most certainly is extremely painful, crippling and debilitating. See the rest of the story and the video HERE.

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