AP “Fact Check” Deceives Readers: Hides White House Role In Trump Raid

When corporate media or BigTech wants to tell a lie so big that they risk backlash, they whip out the so called “Fact Checkers.” As is so often the case, when you see “Fact Check” brace yourself for a whopper worthy of a mal-adjusted 13 year old. 

As we reported earlier from multiple sources, the court filings show that the National Archives, the FBI and the White House Counsel’s Office (That is Joe Biden’s Lawyer), coordinated closely to engineer the raid on Mar-a-Lago

Along comes the Associated Press (AP) with a straw man argument of 
“No, Biden did not order the raid” when the truth is that the Biden White House made the unprecedented and likely illegal step of revoking Trump’s “executive privilege,” which we do not believe will hold up in the courts, and thus directed the National Archives to have the FBI retrieve documents by force that Trump is entitled to have under current case law and the Presidential Records Act. 

To draw an analogy, If Ralphie hired Chad to kill Amy the AP would say, “Ralphie did not kill Amy so he should not be charged with murder.” All the AP is doing is leaving out the middle man in the process. 

Famed Canadian attorney Viva Frei has details. 

Nice Try AP….

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