Biden Lied: White House Worked Directly With DoJ/National Archives to Engineer Trump Raid

President Biden and his Press Secretary have said on the record that they knew nothing about the FBI raid on Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago.

Emails between the National Archives and the White House Councel’s office (President Biden’s Lawyer) as far back as at least April 11, 2022 show  they worked together with the DoJ/FBI to come up with a legal theory on which to raid Trump’s home. What they came up with is an attempt to retroactively revoke Trump’s executive privilege based on a phony criminal accusation.

Professor Alan Dershowitz believes this outrageous action will not stand up in the courts. It makes no sense at all legally or constitutionally says Dershowitz. No one would ever speak to a president again if the next one can waive his executive privilege and open them up to exposer by corporate media smears and partisan attacks. 

Dershowitz says that the DoJ hid much of this form the magistrate judge when getting it’s search warrant.

4 thoughts on “Biden Lied: White House Worked Directly With DoJ/National Archives to Engineer Trump Raid”

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    Just too funny – Biden always tells us what state the Democrats are when they blame the Repub’s for what they are actually doing.

    Woke politics pretends to have an equality agenda but actually it’s becoming fascism dressed up as inclusivity.

    Tell Biden to go take a shower.



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