“Jungle” Joe Biden lets most anyone cross the border and get free benefits…unless they are black (video)

It is no secret that Joe Biden has a long history of making racially charged comments. He also was an opponent of desegregation even going as far as saying that he didn’t want his kids going to school in a “Racial Jungle“. 

Even Democrats spoke out against him for associating with “proud segregationists” and not even apologizing for it. Even Trevor Noah spoke out against Biden:

CNN, who has been in the tank for Biden, came out against him for letters he wrote opposing mixed race school policies. Biden even tried to get court rulings ending the “separate but (bullcrap) equal” racist education policies:

What is even more amusing is that corpomedia “fact checkers” claim that none of this evidence exists, in spite of that fact that it was so well reported that anyone can find it in mere moments. 

Biden is also the author of, and still refuses to apologize for, the 1994 crime bill that was so structurally racist, it put tens of thousands of young blacks in jail for decades for minor offenses. President Trump got the unfair laws changed and pardoned those who were unfairly targeted such as Alice Johnson

As many readers are aware many thousands of black Hatians made it to Mexico and marched north to our southern border. Instead of giving them free benefits, housing and plane tickets he fenced them in  under a bridge in the sweltering heat with only one meal a day and is departing them. 

If Trump had this double standard we all know what Democrats and their allies in the corpomedia would be screaming, but Democrats are silent once again demonstrating that Democrats, black or otherwise, have no problem with doing this to blacks who are suffering. For those who might not be aware, Haiti is so bad that it makes Mexican poverty look lavish. 

Biden’s open borders policy allowing 200,000 people a month to cross the border is what is responsible for this human catastrophe. The numbers of those who have died making the trip are covered up by the government. When Obama was President authorities would find dozens of dead bodies, many children, near the border every month. 

Examine the images below and remember that Democrats posted pictures of border crossers that were but in cages under Obama and claimed that Trump was doing it. Now those hoaxers are silent:

The Biden Administration has been trying to keep you from seeing the truth so the FAA banned the Fox News Drone from operating in Del Rio:

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Biden has exempted border crossers from COVID testing or the vax. You read that correctly. If you are an American Biden says you will need a vax passport to go out to eat, unless you are an illegal alien than you are exempt. At 200,000 untested people a month crossing the border it is any wonder that Texas is having a problem?

Texas Senator Ted Cruz wraps it up with his analysis:

Senator Kennedy says that when it comes to illegal immigration the Biden Administration lies like the breathe. 

UPDATE – After being pressured by congressional Democrats the Biden Administration is letting at least some of the Haitians stay in the United States. 

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