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These are the weapons Biden handed the Taliban that will be sent to terrorists around the world (video)

Newt Gingrich’s analysis about these weapons and the aftermath is straight common sense. Only the most partisan dishonest leftist would deny it. The Taliban is now better armed then most small countries. 

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Biden instructed Afghan President to LIE about the war in phone call. Dems impeached Trump for things in a call he didn’t even say….

Remember when left over Obama appointees in the National Security Council such as Alex Vindman conspired with Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee (Adam Schiff) to leak an inaccurate transcript of a phone call President Trump had with the Ukrainian … Continue reading

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Brit Hume: Nearly everything President Biden said would not happen in Afghanistan has come to pass… (video)

[Editor’s Note – Our readers might wonder why we have had a lack of updates for the last few days.  We decided to wait until the day after the botched Biden withdrawal from Afghanistan was done so we could look … Continue reading

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