Kabul Airport Suicide Bomber Who MURDERED 13 AMERICANS & 169 civilians Was SET FREE FROM BAGRAM PRISON After Joe Biden Abandoned the Base – UPDATED

A sandal is seen laying on the ground along a road at the site of a suicide bombing attack in Kabul on March 21, 2018.
A suicide bomber on March 21 killed at least 26 people, many of them teenagers, in front of Kabul University, officials said, as Afghans took to the streets to celebrate the Persian new year holiday. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the deadly attack — the fifth suicide bombing in the Afghan capital in recent weeks — via its propaganda arm Amaq, SITE Intelligence Group said. The Taliban earlier denied involvement on Twitter. / AFP PHOTO / SHAH MARAI

Bagram Base was the most secure place in Afghanistan and it was also where the Afghan Airforce was stationed. Biden ordered the base to be abandoned ion the middle of the night without informing NATO or the Afghans. 

Biden left $83 Billion in US weapons there for the Taliban to take and did not even bother to try and get civilians out beforehand. Now more blood is on his hands. 

UPDATE – October 6th, 2021 CNN finally caught up!

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