Democrats will exploit anything to increase their power. Dr. Rand Paul destroys Biden HHS Secretary for anti-science hypocrisy (video)

Government by crisis. using a crisis to impose a solution that the people would normally never except. Exploit the crisis to increase your power. Get the people to trade in their liberty and money for the illusion of security. 

There is more and more data showing that lockdowns and mask mandates don’t work. Democrats have used lockdowns to pick winners and losers, allowing groups and mega-corps they favor and donate to stay open while closing small businesses who tend to donate to Republicans. 

In Australia the leftist government has used the pandemic as an excuse to greatly expand police power and ban free speech and protests of any kind resulting in 1938 levels of abuse

The science shows that virus’ are far too evolved to let things like mask mandates and lockdowns have much effect on them as the latest CDC dats shows. 

When politically convenient Democrat opposed mask mandates, limits on movement, and government rushed vax. Everything Trump did to try to limited the spread of the virus was called racist, xenophobic, Nazi etc. 

When Trump banned travel from China Democrats said it was anti–American, and Nancy Pelosi went to ChinaTown and told everyone to come on down it’s safe, but as soon as Trump was out of power Democrats shut down all of those small businesses with lock downs. Biden has even had the CDC change the definition of vaccine to something more Orwellian. 

Today, in a hearing in front of the Senate, Dr. Rand Paul destroyed Biden HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra for defiantly ignoring the science and exploiting it to gain power and set police state precedents. Notice in the video Becerra said he wasn’t familiar with the study Dr. Paul asked him about but after after he was pinned down he admitted he was familiar with the study . 

Corrupt Fmr. DNC Chair Says What Leftists Think But Never Dare Say in Virginia Governor’s Debate (video)

Former Democrat National Committee (DNC) Chairman terry McAuliffe is truly Clintonesque in his ability to to manipulate corporations and use his associations with The Clintons and the Democratic Party to enrich himself and his allies. He raised $275 million for the Clintons. He raise dover $26 million for Al Gore.

Like Hillary’s famous cattle futures trade, he invested $100,000 into Global Crossing and just before they went bankrupt he got an $18 million payout. And there is so much to report on that angle that there is too much to report, so if you are curious fire up your search engine. 

Much like Hunter Biden, you get around the Clinton’s and Obama’s and all of the sudden people all around the world are giving you millions. Of course to Democrats that is considered a resume enhancement. 

In the Virginia’s governor’s debate McAuliffe said when every far left and neo-Marxist indoctrinating kleptopcrat thinks but always denies:

Why Gov. Kristi Noem is an Exceptional Leader (video)

As we said in rule number two on responsible constitutional government:

Office holders should recognize and respect the limits of the office, work within the boundaries of their charter, and not exist for the purpose of expanding their power and influence.

She gets it:

Democrats Claim $3.5 Trillion (really 5.5) Spending Spree Will Cost Americans Zero. They Think You’re Stupid (video).

Sure we could post a list of articles and analysis here that you could easily find with a Google search, but what they are saying is so stupid it doesn’t require serious refutation. 

Enjoy this commentary from The Five:

The Witcher Was Written to Teach Children the Dangers of Leftist Moral Relativism

What those who favor the enlightenment understand and leftists who have not done the reading do not – Virtually every leftist intellectual – Lenin – Stalin – Hegel – Marx – Gramsci – Lippmann – Cloward & Piven – Alinski – say in their books and writings that truth and morality are relative and that anything that supports socialism/communism at that moment is what is “true and moral.”

They literally call it “moral relativism.”

The strategy of overwhelming/jamming up/sabotaging the system and then blaming freedom for it is advocated by Cloward & Piven and Saul Alinski directly. Cloward & Piven were close to the Clintons and Alinski was a college mentor of both Hillary and Obama.

Most leftists/liberals/progressives have never read anything from the list of names I mentioned above. They lap up the propaganda and are so proud of themselves for being “informed.”

The Witcher, made famous in books/Video Game/TV/Films – was written the way it was by Andrej Sapkowski to teach Polish children the dangers of “moral relativism.”

Geralt: The Evil that witchers fight stems from chaos, from actions aimed at disturbing order. For where Evil spreads, Order cannot be established. Instead of the light of wisdom, the glimmer of hope and the glow of warmth, darkness ensues. And in darkness you find nothing but blood, fangs and claws… like in the outskirts.

Zoltan: Nicely put, but as young Cerro said to King Vridank on their first date: “Does it have any practical uses?”

Geralt: The right of witchers to live and function in this world has fallen out of balance, because the struggle between Good and Evil now plays out on a different battlefield with different rules. Evil has ceased being chaotic. No longer a blind, elemental power, Evil follows rules according to the rights it’s been granted. It functions in line with treaties…

Zoltan: That’s progress. With more of us living longer, we can slaughter one another in the thousands.

Zoltan: Progress is like a herd of pigs. The herd brings many benefits, but no one should wonder at the all the sh*t.

Geralt: Sh*t or no sh*t, witchers exist to slay monsters. How can I when the real monsters hide behind ideals, faith or the law…?

Zoltan: The biggest Evil is moral relativity, which kills more than the Catriona plague and dragons combined.

Zoltan: Witchers will always be needed, no matter where that pig herd leads us.

Geralt: Thanks, Zoltan.

Zoltan: Let me tell you something, Witcher. Once we lead a group of women and children through a war-torn land. They slowed us down. We had to feed them, protect them, and we had to hide in the woods to pee instead of pissing by the road. In short, they were a burden, and ungrateful at that. Know why we helped them?

Zoltan: It was the right thing to do.

Geralt: I understand. Thanks.

In The Witcher III there are three main endings, two happy and one tragic. It is not up to the player to chose the outcome in a momentary consideration. What affects that outcome are a long series of moral agency choices that occur long before the climax of the story. The end is a direct reflection of you and your displays of character.

Evil, much like a politician trying to fool you with two false choices, is not an exercise in binary thinking. This is why evil changes the definitions of words, plays with the language, moves the goal post and blurs distinctions – all of which are the tools of moral relativism. 

Geralt of Rivia – Evil is evil. Lesser, greater, middling – it makes no difference. The degree is arbitrary. The definitions blurred. If I am to chose between one evil and another, I’d rather not choose at all. 

Geralt on letting revenge consume you: