Report: “Intelligence Community” Threatened Trump in 2017 “He will die in jail.”

After the Russian Collusion hoax and the Ukraine hoax they sure tried really hard. 

The FBI/CIA/DoJ was out to smear and destroy Donald Trump since he became a credible threat to Hillary Clinton. They tried to manufacture crimes, set up allies to perjure themselves, planted lies in the corpomedia, lied to the FISA Court, spied on his campaign illegally and prosecuted Trump allies while hiding the fact that they knew it was all made up.

Glenn Greenwald, who is one of the better Intelligence Community (IC) reporters, posted a report form another IC journalist John Schindler:

The Trump Tweet (below) had the IC fuming as no one had ever stood up to them before so boldly, well not at least since President Kennedy was assassinated.
Schindler is not nearly as successful as Greenwald and is what is known as “access media.” Access media are those journalists who are still small time who will say whatever their sources tell them to say, are never critical of them and do what they are told in exchange for access. John Schindler is still pushing the Trump/Russian collusion hoax today even though the cat has been out of the bag for over a year. 

Schindler’s credibility issues aside, he does what he is told so we believe the reported threat is accurate.

Senator Charles Schumer said that Trump’s taunting of the IC would have consequences as “they have seven ways from Sunday to get back at you.”

Tucker Carlson also reported on these threats:

A question that we and many other people are starting to ask is, “Why are the FBI and CIA still a thing?”

Emails and audio evidence: DNC colluded with Ukraine to take down Trump in 2016. They could not have done this without the cooperation of the IC: 

Biden CDC Changes the Definition of “Vaccination” to Something More Orwellian

Immunity is now irrelevant because 80 million people have natural immunity. The POKE doesn’t make you immune as they admit that it loses some of it’s effectiveness every month and you can still carry it even if you are symptom free. 

So what can we do to make big pharma rich?

SICK: Military leaders saw pandemic as opportunity to test propaganda (Psych Ops) on Canadians, report says

This is Canada, which has more tolerance for authoritarian nonsense than Americans, but even so this attitude reflects a culture in the leadership that sees their own people as the enemy. Canadian leftist civilian leaders appointed these people. To their credit they also shut it down, but the fact that they thought they didn’t even need to ask permission to do this is troubling. 

Combine what you read below with the fact that Canada uses tax dollars to subsidize and to a great deal control much of their national media and it becomes a threat to informed democratic institutions, the rule of law and the sovereignty of the people.

[Editor’s Note – This piece from the National Post was not well written. It went off into tangents and reads like the copy editor skipped it. We edited it down and the bold emphasis in the story is ours. Feel free to click the link to read the entire story.]

Canadian National Post

A plan devised by the Canadian Joint Operations Command relied on propaganda techniques similar to those employed during the Afghan war.

Canadian military leaders saw the pandemic as a unique opportunity to test out propaganda techniques on an unsuspecting public, a newly released Canadian Forces report concludes.

The federal government never asked for the so-called information operations campaign, nor did cabinet authorize the initiative developed during the COVID-19 pandemic by the Canadian Joint Operations Command, then headed by Lt.-Gen. Mike Rouleau.

But military commanders believed they didn’t need to get approval from higher authorities to develop and proceed with their plan, retired Maj.-Gen. Daniel Gosselin, who was brought in to investigate the scheme, concluded in his report.

The plan devised by the Canadian Joint Operations Command, also known as CJOC, relied on propaganda techniques similar to those employed during the Afghanistan war. The campaign called for “shaping” and “exploiting” information. CJOC claimed the information operations scheme was needed to head off civil disobedience by Canadians during the coronavirus pandemic and to bolster government messages about the pandemic.

Gosselin’s investigation discovered the plan wasn’t simply the idea of “passionate” military propaganda specialists, but support for the use of such information operations was “clearly a mindset that permeated the thinking at many levels of CJOC.” Those in the command saw the pandemic as a “unique opportunity” to test out such techniques on Canadians.

The views put forth by Rear Adm. Brian Santarpia, then CJOC’s chief of staff, summed up the command’s attitude, Gosselin noted in his report. “This is really a learning opportunity for all of us and a chance to start getting information operations into our (CAF-DND) routine,” the rear admiral stated.

The command saw the military’s pandemic response “as an opportunity to monitor and collect public information in order to enhance awareness for better command decision making,” Gosselin determined.

Gosselin also pointed out CJOC staff had a “palpable dismissive attitude” toward the advice and concerns raised by other military leaders.

The directive for the propaganda plan was issued by CJOC on April 8, 2020, but it took until May 2 of that year before Vance’s order to shut it down took effect.

Gosselin recommended a comprehensive review of Canadian Forces information operations policies and directives, particularly those that may impact any activities for domestic missions.

There is an ongoing debate inside national defense headquarters in Ottawa about the use of information operations techniques. Some public affairs officers, intelligence specialists and senior planners want to expand the scope of such methods in Canada to allow them to better control and shape government information that the public receives. Others inside headquarters worry that such operations could lead to abuses, including having military staff intentionally mislead the Canadian public or taking measures to target opposition MPs or those who criticize government or military policy.

Last year, the branch launched a controversial plan that would have allowed military public affairs officers to use propaganda to change attitudes and behaviors of Canadians as well as to collect and analyze information from public social media accounts.

The plan would have seen staff move from traditional government methods of communicating with the public to a more aggressive strategy of using information warfare and influence tactics on Canadians. Included among those tactics was the use of friendly defense analysts and retired generals to push military PR messages and to criticize on social media those who raised questions about military spending and accountability.

MSNBC: These problems showed up after Biden said the exact opposite (video)

It is no secret that MSNBC, Chuck Todd especially, have no problem lying or saying whatever it takes to prop up the Democratic Party and their allies in the CCP. 

Sometimes the truth is so bad and in your face that trying to spin it is useless. So why not gain a little credibility occasionally by just telling the truth. 

Southern Medical Journal/US Army Institute of Surgical Research Study: County Mask Mandates Made No Difference


There was no reduction in per-population daily mortality, hospital bed, ICU bed, or ventilator occupancy of COVID-19-positive patients attributable to the implementation of a mask-wearing mandate.


A new study published in the The Southern Medical Journal (SMJ) found that a county-wide mask order in Bexar County, Texas, did not lead to a reduction in COVID-19 hospitalization rates or deaths.

The study, which was peer reviewed, analyzed data before and after mandates were imposed at both the state level (July 3, 2020) and in Bexar County (July 5, 2020), Texas’s fourth largest county.

“We defined the control period as June 2 to July 2 and the postmask order period as July 8, 2020–August 12, 2020, with a 5-day gap to account for the median incubation period for cases; longer periods of 7 and 10 days were used for hospitalization and ICU admission/death, respectively,” the study authors wrote. “Data were reported on a per-100,000 population basis using respective US Census Bureau–reported populations.”

Authors of the study, which was reviewed by the US Army Institute of Surgical Research, analyzed the daily average number of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, ICU visits, patients on ventilators, and deaths, and concluded the policy did not reduce any of these metrics.

“All of the measured outcomes were higher on average in the postmask period as were covariables included in the adjusted model,” the researchers said. “There was no reduction in per-population daily mortality, hospital bed, ICU bed, or ventilator occupancy of COVID-19-positive patients attributable to the implementation of a mask-wearing mandate.”

Biden Proposing Total End to Financial Privacy. Snoop Into Your Bank Account.

If Joe Biden gets his way the government will not need a search warrant to snoop on your bank account and where you spend your money. He is proposing yo have every transaction from every bank account with a balance of over $600.00 reported to the IRS. 

There is no way that this won’t be used as a political weapon. The IRA has a long history of being weaponized for partisan purposes. Both IRS Commissioners under President Obama lied under oath to Congress repeatedly about the targeting of Republicans…only to admit everything and apologize for it under President Trump. Of course since they were Democrats the DoJ refused to prosecute. 

The flip side of this particular coin is that such reporting requirements will be very costly, requiring new bank fees to cover them. Call your member of Congress and Senators and demand this stopped. 

Rick Manning

The Biden administration remembers how they used the IRS against their political foes and now wants to ratchet up that power.  Under the guise of increasing enforcement to stop tax evasion, Biden is asking Congress to force banks to send the IRS in-depth records of all transactions for every individual bank account in America that is larger than $600.

Six-hundred dollars, why would the cancel culture warriors in the Biden administration effectively want the banking information for almost everyone in America?  Trust me, they aren’t looking for tax fraud from people with bank accounts of $600.  

What they are trying to do is lay the groundwork for establishing a Chinese-style social credit system in America, by having the ability to have your and my financial records available at any time.  Currently, banks are required to report cash withdrawals of more than $10,000 under the guise of tracking potential illegal drug deals, but there is no reasonable rationale for tracking every Americans bank accounts that are $600 and above.

Some will say, so what?  What harm can be done? And I may have been one of those people in the past, but not anymore.  In the past decade, we have seen the devastation to individual lives done by (Former IRS Commissioner) Lois Lerner’s witch hunt.  An abuse of power, which she paid no personal price for conducting.

We have also seen an out of control FBI lie and make up charges, first against candidate Donald Trump and then President Trump that continued for years into his presidency.  These charges were driven by the FBI and the Department of Justice’s abuse of the FISA Court to legally spy on people associated with the Trump campaign and the President himself – all based upon a politically fabricated dossier.  When the dust settled and they finally had to concede that there was never any legitimate basis for the three year attempted coup, the main career bureaucrat actors in that fraud which did more damage to our nation than anything that occurred on January 6, have not seen a day behind bars, even as they financially prosper for their infamous acts.

We have seen intelligence services use the Patriot Act to spy on American citizens, enveloping the 4th Amendment to the Constitution in high tech obsolescence and no one has gone to jail.

We have seen a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army leak a proven lie about a conversation between the President of the United States and the President of Ukraine, in violation of his sacred trust.  The President got impeached over the lie, while the Defense Department establishment sought to promote the Lt. Colonel.  

We have seen much, much more, and the story remains the same.  Every time we trust the administrative state with power with the understanding that it won’t be abused, it becomes a political weapon against those who seek to limit the scope and power of the federal government.