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Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassel: The Intimidation Game – How Far Left Groups Use Well Financed Smear Campaigns to Stop Political Speech (video)

In short, Democrats find out who funds free speech, or free market organizations or anyone who opposes their power grabs in policy and they threaten them with a smear campaign claiming that they are racist etc etc.  Democrats actively provoke … Continue reading

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Who is Jonathan Simpson really?

Jonathan Simpson is the allegedly the man who sat in a truck and said he had a bomb and live streamed his event.  We watched his live stream and as communications professionals it was fairly obvious that his southern accent … Continue reading

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So much for the promised Taliban “Amnesty.” Warning graphic.

The Taliban promised amnesty as we see in the following video… Warning Graphic – The chief of security for Badghis province was executed by the Taliban last night after he surrendered. Taliban ‘Intensify Search’ For Afghans Who Helped U.S., … Continue reading

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CNN Turns on Biden: “Paper Trail Of Statements…Saying The Opposite” Of What Happened (video)

When it is so bad that your biggest sycophants have done a 180. This gives Democrat’s political cover for using the 25th Amendment or impeaching. 

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Lara Logan: The Idea that US Intelligence Did Not See This Outcome (In Afghanistan) is Impossible. They are lying. (video) – UPDATED

No journalist in the world understands US and British intelligence agencies better than Lara Logan. She has sources that make the Washington Post and the New York Times green with envy. Why? Because such sources do not trust WashPo and … Continue reading

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Democrats trying to convert “Evacuating our closest allies in Afghanistan” to “open borders mass unlimited immigration…”

Those who were our closes allies in Afghanistan should be evacuated if at all possible. We know who they are as we have a database of most every Afghan citizen complete with biometrics.  That is a very different thing from … Continue reading

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If Trump had a debacle like this in Afghanistan….

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Biden’s National Security Advisor: The ‘Plan to Evacuate Americans is Beginning Today’ (not three months ago)

The Biden Administration National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, in a stunning admission, said that the plan to evacuate Americans is beginning today (August 17). This is a reversal from President Biden’s statement that every contingency was planned for.  Senators are … Continue reading

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Best Reactions to Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle – UPDATED!

UPDATE – We are about to witness a human catastrophe:  THE TALIBAN HAVE seized U.S. military biometrics devices that could aid in the identification of Afghans who assisted coalition forces, current and former military officials have told The Intercept. The … Continue reading

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Is your new Intel X490 or X590 mainboard unstable?

You have put together several computers in your day and never had the kind of instability and random reboots you are seeing now…. You check the message boards about setting the voltages to get a stable setting and it still … Continue reading

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Kreia is the greatest character in all of Star Wars (video)

Of all of the characters in Star Wars, none are as well devolved and brilliantly written as Old Republic Jedi Master Kreia who left the Jedi Order and eventually became Sith Lord Darth Traya the Betrayer…only later to reclaim her … Continue reading

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Devin Nunes Scores Major Court Victory in Defamation Lawsuit vs Washington Post “Spygate” Hit Pieces

Devin Nunes is the ranking Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee. When he discovered that the Obama Administration and the NSA/FBI/DoJ was illegally spying on the Trump Campaign and continued that illegal spying into his administration Nunes went public.  … Continue reading

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Not Surprised: Co-Founder Of Snopes Plagiarized Dozens of Articles for “Fact-Checking”

Snopes, Politifact, Fact-check, Wikipedia are a joke and most anyone with an IQ higher than 85 is well aware of it. We could publish books about how often they have been demonstrated to be wrong even on substance that is … Continue reading

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The Inside Story of How “Spygate”, The FBI/DoJ Plot Against President Trump, was Uncovered (video)

This is a long form interview with former DoJ and House investigator Kash Patel.  Behind closed doors in under oath testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, every single person the Democrat’s claimed had evidence that Trump “colluded with Russia” said … Continue reading

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19 Republican’s who should be “primaried”

Why would a Republican, who lectures in fiscal responsibility, vote for a multitrillion dollar “infrastructure” bill that isn’t even half about infrastructure and more about corporate and lobbyist giveaways?  Kickback’s is the likely answer. The kleptocracy continues..

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Statistically Speaking, why election audits are a good idea

Elections follow certain patterns. Generic voter ID is still pretty much the best indicator of how people who are likely to vote actually will. Those who raise more money locally tend to win more races. The party who has momentum … Continue reading

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The new Star Wars sequels already retconned into an alternate timeline.

Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni at Lucasfilm have already retconned the last three (bad) Star Wars movies and placed them in an alternate timeline. They did it right under Kathleen Kennedy’s nose with the new canon of The Mandalorian and … Continue reading

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Corporate Media Will Lie About Anything

The left lives in a world were everything, no matter how small, is politicized, lied about and spun for their purposes. In this case the White House Rose Garden.  Today’s corporate media leftist hack is Michael Beschloss. Yes, we know … Continue reading

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Tucker: The Rise and Fall of Governor Cuomo. How Democrats & Corporate Media Covered his Crimes (video) – UPDATED!

The corruption, the lies. Putting CIVID positive people in senior care facilities to spread the virus and cull them on purpose – especially when President Trump built a military hospital and sent a hospital ship to New York to help … Continue reading

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Virginia teacher resigns over critical race theory in emotional speech. Describes Stalinist work environment. (video)

Imagine being told to keep what is being shoved down kid’s throats from parents. Imagine being told that you are not allowed to dissent even to friends and family. Imagine a work environment where the superintendent sends everyone forms to … Continue reading

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Why “White Privilege” is Just a Racist Lie (video)

Watch and learn. The effort to divide people as one of only two possible groups “oppressor or victim” should and will fail.  It should be called what it is – another attempt to bring back segregation.

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Dozens die in two Canada nursing homes from neglect (video)

The British National health Service (NHS) has been neglecting seniors for years on purpose because they are an expense. The NHS also had a plan to use the CCP Virus to eliminate more seniors.  New York’s soon to be ex-Governor … Continue reading

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So you say that you aren’t a Marxist….

You say that you are a progressive. Well lets see…… 1 – Redistribution of wealth. 2 – Class warfare. 3 – Oppose free market capitalism 4 – You oppose free speech and academic liberty 5 – Assault on private property … Continue reading

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Flashback: Body Language Expert Analyzes Brett Kavanaugh Accuser “It’s an act” (video)

The bogus charge of sexual misconduct is a card that Democrats use as a matter of routine. At first when such accusations failed against political candidates or judicial nominations there was a lone accuser, no evidence and also no history … Continue reading

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Florida Gov. DeSantis Scorches Biden’s Unwillingness to Protect America from COVID (video) UPDATED!

Instead Democrats are using the virus as an excuse to make government and economic power grabs, choosing winners and losers.  Biden Admin is releasing countless thousands of illegal border crossers in McCallan  even though many have COVID:

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Democratic Party: Ihre Papiere Bitte

Why should it be easier to go to the Gym than to vote?  Why is no ID, no signature or address verification /w mass mailout ballots the most secure election in history yet, according to today’s Democratic Party as well … Continue reading

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New York Nadia: Do Black Lives Matter or is Marxism/Communism More Important? (video)

Black Lives Matter sounds good, as good people cherish life and believe everyone has the potential to make an impact for the better. When one looks beneath the surface of those who espouse BLM and CRT the hypocrisy reveals itself. … Continue reading

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Biden/Dems “Infrastructure Bill” Contains plan to tax your car by the mile. Far left wish lists…

This is going to make food prices go crazy as well as anything delivered by a truck. So much for pizza delivery… Do you ever wonder if the Democrats are destroying the economy on purpose? More on the per mile … Continue reading

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UK Press: British National Health Service had secret plan to deny pandemic care to elderly

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? This why New York Governor Cuomo put COVID patients in nursing homes turning them into super spreader mills. Governor Whitmer in Michigan did the same. The left has always been fascinated with social engineering including population … Continue reading

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Meme of the Day: Virtue Signaling Silliness

Does the plexiglass really make a big difference? The cashier is touching all your items….right after you just touched and breathed all over those items right in front of you in your cart as you walked through the entire store….so … Continue reading

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