What do JFK and Donald Trump Have in Common?

Policy wise, there are many similarities between President John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump. 

Both wanted to put an end to endless wars in the most responsible way possible.

Both thought we were over extended and on a path that is economically unsustainable. 

Both warned about the dangers of a corporate media that lost journalistic principle. 

Both wanted to clip the wings of the gargantuan intelligence and domestic surveillance state. 

Both were taking action against a corrupt and overly powerful Pentagon establishment, or “military industrial complex” as Eisenhower put it. 

Both found ways to fight corruption in effective ways. JFK appointed his brother to be the Attorney General who went after a previously untouchable mafia. Trump started slashing the corrupt one sided regulations that big donors had bought and paid for to stick it to competitors. 

Both lowered taxes and increased the wealth of the middle class. 

Both were genuine reformers…..who were attacked and resisted by the bureaucracy at many levels to prevent them from finishing such reforms. 

Famed historian Dr. Niall Ferguson wrote pieces comparing the two

Below are scenes form the film JFK explaining just how much President Kennedy shook things up and the establishment didn’t like it, just like Trump. 

Instead of killing President Trump they waged never ending lawfare against him, openly defied his reforms and manufactured a long series of fake scandals such as “Russian Collusion” and “Ukraine” to keep him distracted. 

One watches these video clips below and it just rings true.

Cullen: Super Heroes Fight for Freedom on Screen, Then the Actors Get on Social Media Demanding We Surrender Freedom in Exchange for Promises of Security (video)

Those who trade liberty for promises of security end up with neither. Since Benjamin Franklin’s warning how many times have we seen this happen in real life? 

They want to take away your gun and then tell the police to stand down while your neighborhoods are burned and ANTIFA kills civilians. Then the SJW’s tell us that calling the police is racism and the police should be defunded. People in need call 9/11 and are told “sorry” – but don’t you dare harm one of the criminals! 

Do the people and the actors not see they are behaving exactly the opposite of their on screen heroes?
Dave Cullen explores this contradiction.

Australia goes 1938: Elderly protestors sprayed and beaten, others shot in the back /w rubber bullets.

It has not been well reported in the American corpomedia, but Australia has taken the COVID lockdowns to an extreme even beyond the draconian measures we have seen in Canada. 

Australian government has used armed police to put down political protests, they have pepper sprayed and beaten even the elderly who showed up to protest. They have fired rubber bullets into crowds off protestors indiscriminately. In the video below police are shooting at protestors backs as they run away. 

The left wing human rights crowd are silent of course as they will not critique the left wing government that is in place in Australia. 

The good police are resigning leaving only these clowns. This is what happens when you allow the government to take your guns. 

Poland Joins the International Community of Nations Condemning Australian Human Rights Abuses

Polish MPs protest for Australia’s human rights outside the Australian embassy. Poland has joined the international movement of condemning Australia’s treatment of citizens comparing it’s radical left-wing policies to that of North Korea. Human Rights hold universal values which should be adopted by states worldwide.

Biden’s aren’t the only ones in his administration taking money from the Chinese (video)

The Biden’s aren’t the only ones taking money from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). President Biden’s point man on China, John Kerry, is also “pulling a Hunter” by having his wife and step son take in huge money deals with China.

Kerry’s step son Christopher Heinz created a partnership with Hunter Biden for a billion dollar private equity deal with the CCP controlled Bank of China, in spite of the fact that neither of them had experience in private equity. 

While Biden’s elites get rich parroting CCP talking points and playing apologist for their slave labor practices, theft on intellectual property and near unlimited cheating on our trade agreements. He won’t even mention the murder of its citizens to use them for the human organ trade other than to say that bringing up human rights abuses threatens talks on climate change.

China is laughing at us on Climate Change. They pressure us to trash our economy, kill jobs, and cause inflation on everything by sacrificing energy independence while the CCP builds a new coal plant every month…and they aren’t clean coal tech plants either. In fact, the CCP uses coal energy to power the factories that build cheap solar panels for us to buy.