Kabul Airport Suicide Bomber Who MURDERED 13 AMERICANS & 169 civilians Was SET FREE FROM BAGRAM PRISON After Joe Biden Abandoned the Base – UPDATED

A sandal is seen laying on the ground along a road at the site of a suicide bombing attack in Kabul on March 21, 2018.
A suicide bomber on March 21 killed at least 26 people, many of them teenagers, in front of Kabul University, officials said, as Afghans took to the streets to celebrate the Persian new year holiday. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the deadly attack — the fifth suicide bombing in the Afghan capital in recent weeks — via its propaganda arm Amaq, SITE Intelligence Group said. The Taliban earlier denied involvement on Twitter. / AFP PHOTO / SHAH MARAI

Bagram Base was the most secure place in Afghanistan and it was also where the Afghan Airforce was stationed. Biden ordered the base to be abandoned ion the middle of the night without informing NATO or the Afghans. 

Biden left $83 Billion in US weapons there for the Taliban to take and did not even bother to try and get civilians out beforehand. Now more blood is on his hands. 

UPDATE – October 6th, 2021 CNN finally caught up!

Twitter redirecting some searches for “Taiwan” to tweets containing “China.” Refuses to explain.

In order to get access to China they have to do the bidding of the CCP. 

WOW! Sen. John Kennedy Destroys Nutty Biden Judicial Nominee (Video)

In testimony before the United States Senate Biden judicial nominee Jennifer Sung is taken to task by Senator John Kennedy for off the rails political lunacy she has advocated….and it wasn’t 20 years ago. 

Then to claim that she was not aware of certain Ivy league schools being sued and taken to task for actively discriminating against Asian Americans…lets just say it strains credulity. 

How can anyone who is not an arch leftist think even for a moment they would get a fair shake in her court room. 

Be sure to watch until the very end.

Arizona Legislature Wins. Gets Maricopa County Computers/Routers to Finish Election Audit

Readers following this story have been aware that Maricopa County Democrats have been violating the law and court orders to prevent a complete vote audit. 

The Arizona Legislature has won the as the Democrat’s have relented. It seems that the legislature exercised its power of the purse and threatened to cut off state funding from the county. If there was nothing to hide, why break the law and disobey court orders?

The Founders intended the power of the purpose to be the enforcement power of Congress and the state legislatures. Someone should tell Republicans in Congress this. The next time the IRS/FBI etc refuses a lawful subpoena from Congress, defund the agency.

More feds at J6 rally than protestors. Fed dressed like a Antifa/ninja revealed his firearm led away by police (video)

He reveals that he is undercover and has a badge. He just could not keep his weapon concealed.

We waited a day to report this to see if anyone would deny that these are feds. If you were there to support a cause, would you stay quiet as a thousands of people posted your picture saying you are an undercover federal agent?

In the mean time in places like Chicago there are dozens of shootings every weekend. 

They are behaving more like the KGB every day.

Durham Strikes: Clinton Lawyer at Epicenter of Trump/Russian Collusion Hoax Charged (video)

Special Prosecutor on the Russia Collusion Hoax manufactured by the Clinton Campaign, Adam Schiff and leaders in the FBI/DoJ has waited a long time to start charging people. 

DNC/Clinton/Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann has been charged with lying to the FBI and his lies weren’t small. Sussmann is also a former federal prosecutor. Even so Sussmann is low hanging fruit.

Durham gave FBI Attorney Kevin Clinesmith a slap on the wrist which certainly would not have happened if Republicans had done this. Clinesmith altered/forged a document to give to the FISA Court in order to convince the court to authorize spying on President Trump. 

We are concerned that Durham is taking his time to run out the statute of limitations so key Democrats cannot be charged before he issues a scathing report to save his own credibility. 

The indictmenthttps://www.justice.gov/sco/press-release/file/1433511/download

Dan Bongino goes through the indictment and wonders who wasn’t involved in the conspiracy against Trump. 

Tom Cruise Predicted Exactly What a Careless Biden Withdrawal from Afghanistan Would Look Like (video)

This is a prescient prediction from the 2007 film Lions and Lambs. Cruise’s description nails it. Also notice what the leftist reporter, obviously invested in American weakness and American defeat asks, “Since when has the United States ever been righteous” – nailing the demoralized knee jerk anti-American marxist indoctrination so common in the corpomedia today. 

Also notice that the left doesn’t give a crap about the people of Afghanistan or what will happened to them under the Taliban. They avoid talking about what happens to girls. 

So Much for Biden Claim that Taliban “is a partner joining the community of nations”