Department of Justice Meeting Notes Reveal FBI Systematically Lied About Trump/Russia (video)

Not only was the FBI lying to the FISA Court, they were lying to the Department of Justice as well. 

Later the DoJ figured this out and decided to go in on the hoax, but at first they were mislead by the FBI. 

The Epoch Times produced this great video explaining how it was done. 

🔵 Durham Analysis:

🔵 Meeting Notes:

Click to access gov.uscourts.dcd.235638.123.2_1.pdf

2 thoughts on “Department of Justice Meeting Notes Reveal FBI Systematically Lied About Trump/Russia (video)”

  1. And justice will not be served against the FBI or justice department. You have to remember it’s not Justice it’s just us. As comedian George Carlin used to say it’s a big party and we’re not invited.
    If we don’t have ethical honest legal and Court systems where are we at as a society. America has more people in prison than any other country in the world. There’s enough evidence to convict everyone associated with the genocide Holocaust VAX agenda. Yet nothing is happening because there aren’t any honest court systems in the world. Two babies died and we recall baby formula,more than two have died from the Vax no recall. Once people realize they are trying to kill us all either with Vax bioweapon mandate or man made engineered famine it will be too late. now we’re seeing dieselgeddon as described by Mike Adams natural news com. They are shutting down the economy marching us towards a high tech dark ages those that survive will wish they didn’t.

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