FBI: Hillary “Frequently” and “Blatantly” Disregarded National Security Protocols

The released FBI documents we have referred to in several recent posts are HERE.

CBS News:

According to newly released documents by the FBI related to its investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary, the former agent said that while Rice “observed strict adherence to State Department security and diplomatic protocols,” Clinton “frequently and ‘blatantly’ disregarded them.”


Undercover Video: Violent Thugs & Agitators On Hillary’s Payroll, Paid to Blame Bernie.

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Video: Hillary Campaign staffers brag about breaking election laws. “What ever you can get away with, just do it.”

UPDATE – Hillary Campaign and DNC emails substantiate the video. Bob Creamer is shown in multiple DNC emails about events where they are sending agitators:





Bob Creamer is also well know to John Podesta, the Chairman of Hillary’s Campaign. Look at this list of email exchanges HERE.

Creamer also met with Obama 339 times!

Legendary undercover journalist James O’Keefe strikes again. This time inside the workings of the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Campaign.
In the video you see top DNC operatives like Scott Foval, Deputy Director of People for the American Way, a DNC think tank, and Bob Creamer, husband of Congressman Jan Schakowsky (D-ILL).

As you can see top DNC staffers hire violent agitators, they use pressure groups to coordinate illegally between Hillary’s Campaign, SuperPAC’s and the DNC. They also say in the video that people from Iowa and Wisconsin are “Racist as f^ck.”

Not only were they paid to start violence at Trump events, but were paid to act as if they were there on behalf of Bernie Sanders.

Newt Gingrich points out that political violence is a federal crime. Where is the FBI?


FBI: Hilary So Rude and Mean Agents Wanted Off Her Detail


They say that a person’s true character is shown in how they treat someone who can do nothing for them…..

Via Daily Caller and FBI Documents:

Department of State security officers found then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton so unpleasant they refused to work on her security detail, a former agent claims in newly-released FBI documents.

The FBI Monday released 100 pages of documents relating to its investigation of Clinton’s private email server. The documents incorporate summaries of several interviews the FBI conducted, including one with a woman who served as an agent with the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) during Clinton’s time as secretary of state.

During her interview, the agent said Clinton treated agents rudely and with contempt, and was so unpleasant that senior agents typically avoided being on her security detail.

“[Redacted] explained that CLINTON’s treatment of DS agents on her protective detail was so contemptuous that many of them sought reassignment or employment elsewhere,” the interview summary says. “Prior to CLINTON’s tenure, being an agent on the Secretary of State’s protective detail was seen as an honor and privilege reserved for senior agents. However, by the end of CLINTON’s tenure, it was staffed largely with new agents because it was difficult to find senior agents willing to work for her.”

The agent added that she had spoken to several Secret Service agents who reported similar poor treatment from Clinton.

The agent’s claim about awful treatment from Clinton is backed up by some claims from ex-Secret Service agents. Author Ronald Kessler has written several books about the Secret Service, and claims about Clinton treating agents nastily in private are numerous (Bill and Chelsea Clinton, on the other hand, are described positively).

Hillary Campaign Email Shows Trump May Have Been Right About Judge Curiel

This was some time ago, so to recap for those not familiar with the story; most of the lawsuits over Trump University have gone no where. One judge, Gonzalo Curiel, was very aggressive in his rulings against Trump. So much so that Trump and his lawyers cried foul.

Trump also pointed out, rather inartfully, that the judge had done fund raising for La Raza Lawyers. La Raza means literally “the race” and their members have advocated for an open southern us border (but not for on open Southern Mexican border). A group that would be diametrically opposed to Trump’s advocated policy of controlled immigration.

In this Chicago Tribune article Carloyn Curiel, a former producer at ABC News, is quoted in defense of her cousin Gonzalo Curiel.  She has flown in Air Force One, knows President Clinton and send her praise to Hillary and her campaign chairman John Podesta in this email below.

Now is this direct evidence of certain bias on the bench, of course not, but WikiLeaks emails have shown us in detail that many lawyers, foundations, mega-corps, government officials, academia, and members of the elite media are certainly one big happy family who tosses ethics out the window to help out the Clinton’s.

Our take: my my it is a small world…


Clinton Campaign Colluded /w State Department and Associated Press to Undermine House Benghazi Committee

As if the previous revelations from the Clinton Campaign’s own emails weren’t solid proof enough to show how the elite media and the Obama Administration colluded to commit perjury and obstruction, this email chain is especially damning.

It shows Hillary Clinton’s staff attorney Cheryl Mills actively working back and forth with the State Department and the Associated Press (AP) to get everyone on the same page as far as the talking points and the story (read lies) they are going to tell. It also shows that they knew they were not turning over all of the subpoenaed emails.

Read the email for yourself HERE. This is a key section:



Milo Yiannopoulos Schools CNBC “Journalists” on Western Civilization (video)

The fact that Milo has to explain basic Western Civilization to these people is VERY indicative of just how far public schools have failed and radical our universities have become.

Everything Milo explains here used to be taught in the eighth grade. Also notice how leftists like Hillary Clinton define Western Civilization, freedom itself, as racist, evil, etc…

And in this video Milo takes a university radicalized feminist to school. It is university who filled her head with this nonsense.

State Department Offered Quid-Pro-Quo to FBI to Declassify Secret Docs Found on Hillary ‘s Illegal Private Email Server – UPDATE: FBI Tried to Conceal!

Even more interference from the Obama Administration.

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Over 100 FBI Agents & Lawyers Working Hillary’s Illegal Handling of Classified Docs Wanted to Prosecute

Hi FBI, this is Hillary’s State Department. Can you do me a favor? Can you declassify some of the secret docs Hillary had on her illegal private emails server so it can look like she didn’t break the law? If you do I will open up new slots for additional FBI Agents in other countries…..

The FBI says that it turned the quid-pro-quo offer down.

The FBI released documents on the bribe offer HERE. The smoking gun:
FBI state clinton quidproquo2.png

The Weekly Standard has more details HERE:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released several documents Monday morning confirming discussions between officials at the State Department and at the FBI about a “quid pro quo” to reclassify documents stored on Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Among the 34 released documents, which are summaries of interviews conducted by the FBI in its investigation of the Clinton server, is evidence that a high-ranking State Department official, undersecretary of state for management Patrick Kennedy, discussed a quid pro quo with the FBI.

In one interview summary, a witness described receiving a call from the International Operations Division of the FBI who he says “‘pressured’ him to change the classified email to unclassified”, and that in exchange the State Department “would reciprocate by allowing the FBI to place more Agents in countries where they are presently forbidden.”

The witness also told the FBI that he “believes [the State Department] has an agenda which involves minimizing the classified nature of the CLINTON emails in order to protect STATE interests and those of CLINTON.”

 UPDATE II – Judge Napolitano – This was a crime, an offer to bribe – VIDEO.

UPDATE III – More details HERE.

UPDATE IV – FBI worked to conceal quid-pro-quo from congressional investigators:

Reuters Reporter Obtains Secret Benghazi Committee Document, Shares /w Clinton Campaign

In yet another revelation of collusion between print and network media journalists (see the list at the bottom of the page), this one is especially disturbing as it involves a secret document.

We know it is secret because the Benghazi investigative committee in the House has kept everything secret with the exception of their public hearings and an occasional press conference until they released their final report on July 8th, 2016.

The email was released by WikiLeaks. As we know the Clinton’s and many others in the administration were using unsecured email methods and home brew private servers. Those emails of course were compromised.

In this email exchange dated April 15, 2015 between Hillary Campaign Chairman John Podesta, Clinton attorney David Kendall, Hillary staffer Cheryl Mills, and Mark Hosenball from Thomason Reuters.

Thomason Reuters is the “objective” human intelligence and data-mining firm owned by Reuters news service who promises unbiased and ethical reporting and processes. They certainly failed in this case as the email clearly shows that Hosenball had obtained a secret document from the committee, most likely from a Democrat member, and immediately contacted Clinton’s top staffers to show it to them.

The email:


Here are just some of the revelations revealed by WikiLeaks and others when it comes to media collusion and corruption wit the Clinton’s.

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