CNN Caught Coaching Post-Debate Focus Group (video)

The “journalist” was caught coaching the focus group on camera…

This is not unusual for CNN. After all this is the network who said on the air that they are doing all they can do to get Hillary elected:

CNN also…and this is just the tip of the iceberg:

1 – Rigged a 2007 presidential town-hall style debate. How? Each “undecided voter” they picked from the audience to pose questions to Republicans ended up being a known Democrat campaign operative who had been on CNN before.

2 – The network asked Democrat campaign operatives in 2008 how the network should respond to “republican attacks” referring to the Democrats as “We”.

3 – Ran propaganda puff pieces for Saddam Hussien.

4 – Falsely added the word “racial” to Trump talking about Israeli profiling methods.

5 – Published misleading headlines and spin to protect Obama over the massive job losses.

6 – Blamed mass shooters who ended up being far left extremists, such as the New York museum shooter, on the TEA Party.

7 – CNN treats real violent left wing protesters as peaceful and peaceful TEA Party activists as violent (2).

8 – On CNN arch leftists are presented as “moderate Democrats” no matter how radical they are and yet Republicans are presented as “right wing”.

9  – The network that actually issued a “content advisory” before playing a part of the National Anthem.

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