State Department Offered Quid-Pro-Quo to FBI to Declassify Secret Docs Found on Hillary ‘s Illegal Private Email Server – UPDATE: FBI Tried to Conceal!

Even more interference from the Obama Administration.

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Over 100 FBI Agents & Lawyers Working Hillary’s Illegal Handling of Classified Docs Wanted to Prosecute

Hi FBI, this is Hillary’s State Department. Can you do me a favor? Can you declassify some of the secret docs Hillary had on her illegal private emails server so it can look like she didn’t break the law? If you do I will open up new slots for additional FBI Agents in other countries…..

The FBI says that it turned the quid-pro-quo offer down.

The FBI released documents on the bribe offer HERE. The smoking gun:
FBI state clinton quidproquo2.png

The Weekly Standard has more details HERE:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released several documents Monday morning confirming discussions between officials at the State Department and at the FBI about a “quid pro quo” to reclassify documents stored on Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Among the 34 released documents, which are summaries of interviews conducted by the FBI in its investigation of the Clinton server, is evidence that a high-ranking State Department official, undersecretary of state for management Patrick Kennedy, discussed a quid pro quo with the FBI.

In one interview summary, a witness described receiving a call from the International Operations Division of the FBI who he says “‘pressured’ him to change the classified email to unclassified”, and that in exchange the State Department “would reciprocate by allowing the FBI to place more Agents in countries where they are presently forbidden.”

The witness also told the FBI that he “believes [the State Department] has an agenda which involves minimizing the classified nature of the CLINTON emails in order to protect STATE interests and those of CLINTON.”

 UPDATE II – Judge Napolitano – This was a crime, an offer to bribe – VIDEO.

UPDATE III – More details HERE.

UPDATE IV – FBI worked to conceal quid-pro-quo from congressional investigators:

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