Hillary Campaign Email Shows Trump May Have Been Right About Judge Curiel

This was some time ago, so to recap for those not familiar with the story; most of the lawsuits over Trump University have gone no where. One judge, Gonzalo Curiel, was very aggressive in his rulings against Trump. So much so that Trump and his lawyers cried foul.

Trump also pointed out, rather inartfully, that the judge had done fund raising for La Raza Lawyers. La Raza means literally “the race” and their members have advocated for an open southern us border (but not for on open Southern Mexican border). A group that would be diametrically opposed to Trump’s advocated policy of controlled immigration.

In this Chicago Tribune article Carloyn Curiel, a former producer at ABC News, is quoted in defense of her cousin Gonzalo Curiel.  She has flown in Air Force One, knows President Clinton and send her praise to Hillary and her campaign chairman John Podesta in this email below.

Now is this direct evidence of certain bias on the bench, of course not, but WikiLeaks emails have shown us in detail that many lawyers, foundations, mega-corps, government officials, academia, and members of the elite media are certainly one big happy family who tosses ethics out the window to help out the Clinton’s.

Our take: my my it is a small world…


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