Hillary Blasts Well Fargo, but Guess Who It Donates to Most?

You guessed it…


Hillary Clinton blasted Wells Fargo Monday over the scandal that led to thousands of employees being terminated for collecting fees on fake accounts.

Clinton, however, is now being revealed as Wells Fargo’s top recipient of campaign donations, outpacing the next presidential candidate — Jeb Bush — by more than 300 percent. In all, Wells Fargo has contributed $258,351 to Clinton’s campaign.

The second highest recipient is Bernie Sanders’ Senate campaign, which collected $61,043.

Of the latest scandal, Clinton said it shows that, “Eight years after a cowboy culture on Wall Street wrecked our economy, we are still seeing powerful bankers playing fast and loose with the law.”

“It is outrageous,” she said.


Texas Jewelry Store Employees Open Fire on Armed Robbers

And one employee used an AK-47 variant style rifle.



An employee of a jewelry store in Conroe, Texas, pulled an AK-47 from behind the counter to stop four would-be armed robbers. One of the armed robbers opened fire and multiple employees returned fire, killing the suspect.

Jeffery Turner, Jr., owner of Jeff’s Jewelry Store in Conroe, told police that four men entered his store and demanded jewelry, purses and other items. At least one of the robbers displayed a firearm, according to Montgomery County Police Reporter’s Scott Engle. One of Turner’s employees responded by pulling an AK-47 semi-automatic rifle from behind the counter. The gunman fired at the store employees and a firefight ensued. At least three employees were said to have fired weapons at the robbery suspects.

VA Suicide Hotline Bill Passes Unanimously Through House, Senate Democrat Leadership Crushes It

Democrats have opposed serious VA legislation, they have also voted to take money away from veteran’s services.

Daily Caller:

A bill to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs suicide hotline sailed unanimously through the House last week, until Senate Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid blocked the legislation and refused to let it come to the floor for a voice vote.

The House approved GOP Rep. David Young’s bill last Monday by a vote of 357-0. Young introduced the legislation after hearing numerous complaints from constituents that the Veterans Crisis Line, designed to provide support for veterans feeling suicidal, simply failed to answer emails or calls. The bipartisan bill passed the House without a hitch and Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar teamed up with GOP Sen. John Thune to move the legislation through the Senate. Both majority and minority staff on the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs cleared the bill, Meg Baglien, communications director for Young, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

But a nod from the committee didn’t prevent Reid from stopping the bill in its tracks, prompting GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to castigate him.