CNN Leaked Tough Debate Death Penalty Question to Hillary in Advance Via DNC Vice Chair Donna Brazile

UPDATE IEmails show that she got the debate questions in advance from debate moderator Roland Martin.

UPDATE II – Brazile passed other debate questions in advance to Hillary. Fired from CNN.

CNN tosses journalistic ethics out the window to help Democrats as a matter of routine. And while they are critical of her with the truth from time to time, what they repeat over and over is agenda driven to put it mildly.

This is one of the more severe cases of journalistic corruption. In this case, the day before Hillary was to have a town-hall meeting on CNN, the email reveals that CNN gave an advance copy to current DNC Chairman Donna Brazile, who was working for CNN at the time. Brazile sent it directly to Hillary Campaign Chair John Podesta and Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri.

It is no secret that most of Hillary’s interviews and town hall events at colleges are scripted with members of the crowd planted with questions in advance.

Here is the email and a video from the town-hall event:

Here is the email:


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