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Emails show just how Hillary’s Campaign illegally coordinated with SuperPAC’s

SuperPAC’s can raise unlimited money and are not very transparent. This is why it is illegal for them to have anything to do with a political campaign, their staff etc etc. But, the most openly known secret is that coordination does … Continue reading

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ABC News: Hillary emails show how State Dept gave Haiti relief contracts to donors and friends

So, you want some cheap labor and you happened to be a company that exploits that labor for sex and other illegal activities? No problem!  Just donate to the Clinton Foundation and the State Department will help you set up … Continue reading

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Hacked Hillary Email: WSJ pollster reached out to help Hillary’s campaign

Yes, the Wall Street Journal too. Peter Hart, the pollster for WSJ reached out the the Clinton Campaign to help them. How generous. The email: This is no surprise to your truly as the WSJ/NBC polls have been shoddy for … Continue reading

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Hacked Hillary Email: Hillary’s Catholic Outreach Director Busted for Running Prostitution Ring

Wow, you just can’t make this stuff up.

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NYT Reporter gave Clinton Campaign veto power over quotes used. Submits article for ‘approval’…

WikiLeaks has shown us via Hillary Clinton’s own campaign emails that there is no line between the Democratic Party and most of the elite media that covers them. The rules seem to work like this – If  Republican miss speaks … Continue reading

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