Reuters Reporter Obtains Secret Benghazi Committee Document, Shares /w Clinton Campaign

In yet another revelation of collusion between print and network media journalists (see the list at the bottom of the page), this one is especially disturbing as it involves a secret document.

We know it is secret because the Benghazi investigative committee in the House has kept everything secret with the exception of their public hearings and an occasional press conference until they released their final report on July 8th, 2016.

The email was released by WikiLeaks. As we know the Clinton’s and many others in the administration were using unsecured email methods and home brew private servers. Those emails of course were compromised.

In this email exchange dated April 15, 2015 between Hillary Campaign Chairman John Podesta, Clinton attorney David Kendall, Hillary staffer Cheryl Mills, and Mark Hosenball from Thomason Reuters.

Thomason Reuters is the “objective” human intelligence and data-mining firm owned by Reuters news service who promises unbiased and ethical reporting and processes. They certainly failed in this case as the email clearly shows that Hosenball had obtained a secret document from the committee, most likely from a Democrat member, and immediately contacted Clinton’s top staffers to show it to them.

The email:


Here are just some of the revelations revealed by WikiLeaks and others when it comes to media collusion and corruption wit the Clinton’s.

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