Kari Lake Townhall: How to Deal With School Boards Who Lie to Parents

Every few years the far left teachers unions push a neo-marxist agenda to push on our kids that they have just rebranded and given a new name. They used to call it “Goals 2000” than it was “Outcome based Education” (OBE). They would play this game where school district after school district was trained on how to lie to parents about it. If parents got wise and shut it down they same agenda would come right back with a new name and new buzz words. 

Remember when Democrats and school boards denied they were cramming hateful CRT at our kids only to get caught again and again by whistleblowers, hidden cameras etc. Then parents all of the sudden became domestic terrorists

Two key moments are featured below. To see the entire town hall, which is very much worth your time, click the video on the bottom. 

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