Biden Brazenly Lying About Domestic Energy Production, Inflation…

Biden’s ever changing story on inflation.

Inflation is Transitory!

Inflation is Good

Inflation is because of the “pandemic!” Trump had a pandemic too and when he was in charge it wasn’t like this. 

Inflation and gas prices are because of corporate greed! They won’t drill! 

Today it’s Inflation because of Putin!

The Biden Administration is all for more foreign oil and natural gas, just not ours.

Biden’s Whopper: It’s Simply Not True That My Admin Or Policies Are Holding Back Domestic Energy Production:

The oil leases aren’t being used is a red herring. Here is what Jenn Psaki is not telling you

1 – Just because an oil lease exists does not mean there is oil that can be obtained there affordably.

2 – The lease is not a license to drill, it is a license to explore. There is long permitting process on each step to actually get to where they can drill if oil is there. 

3 – Green groups, many of which are funded by Vladimir Putin, sue in court every step of the process to stop it. They pick Democrat judges who are all to happy to slap injunctions on the oil companies until the company can appeal to a court that actually follow the law. 

4 – The Biden Administration has the power to block these permits at will and has done so, not on all leases, but on leases where they know there are oil reserves.


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