Democrats Now Openly Defending Child Sex Grooming (videos)

Cartoon by Antonio F. Branco

It started with leftists in the teachers unions and school boards banning classic books like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Huckleberry Finn” followed by the insertion of sexualized and in some cases pornographic books into grade school libraries. 

Then Democrats accepted child sex trafficking as a necessary consequence of having an open border policy. Democrats doubled down when Ivanka Trump announced $35 million to help victims of sex trafficking, Democrats trashed her

The insane sexual and racially divisive CRT agendas continued to advance in schools until parents saw what kids were being taught with online teaching during the COVID lockdowns.

When parents started to push back Democrat’s tried to lie their way out of it but the evidence was overwhelming. They said that parents have no say what is taught in schools:

Then in the name of helping “trans kids” school boards. such as in Loudoun County, covered up rapes happening in girls bathrooms because they were encouraging kids to use whatever bathroom they wanted. 

School boards called police on parents who protested. The Biden Administration called such parents “domestic terrorists” and used the FBI and Homeland Security to harass them. School boards even hired law firms to go after the families of sexual assault victims in schools.

Then Democrats tried to make the case that parental rights equals white supremacy.  During the Virginia Governors Race, Anti-Trump group “The Lincoln Project” was staging fake Nazi demonstrations while they were covering up for some of their leaders who were caught in a child sex scandal. Democrat’s stood by them and still do.

State legislatures around the country started taking a closer look at what is happening in our schools. Upon finding out that what was going on in school amounted to child sex grooming complete with teachers warning students “Don’t tell your parents,” Florida was the first to take action with two laws.

The first law Florida passed bans talking any kind of sex or sexual orientation issues with very young children in grades pre-K through third grade. The entire Democratic Party had a meltdown. They called it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill – as if grooming children for under aged sex and eroticizing children is somehow equivalent to adults being gay in the privacy of their own home. 

Florida’s second law is a curriculum transparency bill allowing parents to see all materials presented to students.


Disney Corporation, in their “wokeness” attacked Florida’s parental rights, transparency and anti-child grooming laws. They did so just as Disney employees were rounded up in a child sex sting. The Biden Administration continues to double down: 

It is now being reported that some schools have been providing hormones, puberty blockers and other life altering drugs to students without notifying parents. 

Talk show host Dave Rubin, who is also gay, spoke out against the Democrats on this issue and agrees with the new Florida laws: 

In what it seems as nothing more than a triple down on the issue of sexualizing chidden, Democrats have nominated to the Supreme Court a judge who has the single weakest record on sentencing for child pornographers on the entire federal bench:

Fortunately more and more people are calling this pattern of behavior out for what it is. Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene says Democrats have become the party of pedophiles and princess predators: 

UPDATE April 11th, 2022

Fox News

New Jersey public school students as young as 10 could be taught that puberty blockers are an acceptable way to “manage” puberty and that masturbating “a few times a day” is a healthy way to relieve stress, according to sample lesson plans being reviewed by state school districts.

New Jersey public school students as young as second grade will be getting lessons related to gender identity under state sex education guidelines that will take effect in September.

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