Mansion Filled Martha’s Vineyard Calls in 125 National Guard Troops to Expel 50 Venezuelan Immigrants.

Illegal immigration is a big problem and most of the asylum claims that border crossers claim to get in the country are bogus, but for people from Venezuela who have seen of their country turn into a communist hellhole of tyranny, people being disappeared and mass starvation, their claims are more legit. 

While it is true that Venezuela is reaping the consequences of their own foolishness by voting for Socialist/Communist Hugo Chavez, who at one time was the darling of the Democratic Party, it is no surprise that people will do anything to escape as of course now there are no honest elections in Venezuela. Political opponents are jailed or disappeared. 

Democrats do not like being reminded of this, so when 50 Venezuelan immigrants who showed up at our southern border were sent to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the welcoming sanctuary state of Massachusetts had a meltdown. 

Martha’s Vineyard not only has plenty of room, the wealthy island literally has hundreds of the most beautiful mansions on the planet. 

Eighty percent of Martha’s Vineyard voted for Biden, open borders, sanctuary cities etc.

When two million people cross the border illegally the Democrats would not call it a crisis.

When 748 people are found dead along the border in the last eight months, no problem.

When Southern states are overwhelmed, it’s fine.

When drug cartel products become the number one cause of death among young people the Democrats didn’t even flinch.

But send 50 immigrants to  Martha’s Vineyard that is 89% white, it is a crisis, Biden calls a cabinet meeting and the military is brought in.

The migrants wanted to stay at Martha’s Vineyard. The residents of Martha’s Vineyard started a GoFundMe to assist the immigrants and when it had raised over $40,000 they posted an update saying that the immigrants won’t actually be getting the money. 

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