Tucker: Democrats Pushing Electric Cars While Undermining Electrical Grid. Lithium Batteries Environmentally Unfriendly.

Tucker Carlson explains how Democrats, especially in California and Virginia, are moving to ban gas powered cars while at the same time undermining the electrical grid. China has 80% of the electric battery and solar market cornered.

This is a part of the “Green New Deal” and ESG agenda being pushed by the World Economic Forum and the progressive left.  

Democrats are sabotaging our electrical grid while pushing for electric cars.  Electric vehicles are tiny percentage of cars on the road and the grid cannot handle that charging now. When the electric mandate kicks in it will all fall apart. Democrats will change their story to, “You can’t own a car, everyone will have to use public transportation.”

Realizing this, Virginia is already in the process of reversing their EV law.

Russia, China, and India are having none of this nonsense. In Europe and around the world, “Green New Deal” policies are causing riots, food and energy shortages, unemployment and in some places even complete economic collapse

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