Best Reactions: Biden “Enemies of the State” Speech Most Divisive In History

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Didn’t vote for Joe Biden, well than you are a “semi-fascist” and a threat to democracy. Where does rhetoric like that lead to? Over the course of two days President Biden has given two of the most hateful and divisive speeches in memory.

Kari Lake had probably the best reaction. This is a must see:

Stephen Miller: Biden’s “Enemies of the State” Speech

Biden also criticized those who are pushing for election integrity and audit transparency, but forgot that his party has a real problem when it comes to that. Here is 10 minutes of Democrats citing the Trump/Russian collusion hoax claiming that Russia stole the 2016 election:  

The internet Meme Masters had their fun. Democrats, for years, have called Republicans “fascists” for actually trying to make it so government and mega-corporations have less influence in our lives, while at the same time embracing genuine fascism like the World Economic Forum” this humorous payback is long overdue.

Raymond Arroyo, JD Vance, Jim Jordan and Monica Crowley Respond to Divisive Biden “Enemies” Address:

Tammy Bruce, Brett Baier, Mike Huckabee, Stephen Miller Respond to Biden “Enemies” Speech:

Tucker Carlson on Biden’s “Enemies of the State” Speech. They Want a One Party State, But Are Too Stupid & Incompetent To Pull It Off.


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