Never forget all of the lies the Democrat’s and their corporate media allies have told us.

Can we even list the just the big lies

All the lies surrounding the Afghanistan withdrawal. Biden said there was no one in the administration who objected, members of the Joint Chiefs said that was not true under oath.

They lied about the Taliban being our partner in the withdrawal. Biden gave the Taliban a list of Americans and Afghans who helped us so they could let them passed checkpoints, instead the Taliban used the list to hunt people down and kill them. 

They lied about the drone strike distraction that would up killing an innocent family with children. 

They lied about leaving Americans and our allies behind in Afghanistan, then lied about how they worked to suppress efforts from private groups to get Americans out. 

They lied about Hunter Biden and the Biden family grifting taking millions form China, Russia etc. 

The story on “green new deal” and shutting down American energy production changes every week. Lies about what is the cause of inflation and gas prices as that story changes every week. 

The lies about CRT and sending the FBI after parents at school board meetings.  Critical Race Theory (CRT) doesn’t exist and Republicans are just making it up…. that lie didn’t age well. 

Lies about the Wuhan Lab origins of the virus. Lies about the poke. They knew that the poke was essentially a flu shot that does not prevent getting it, carrying it or spreading it, it just makes the symptoms less if you do get it for a few months. They lied about all the side effects and smeared those who had terrible reactions to the poke. 

All the Stormy Daniels/Michael Avenatti lies. 

All the lies about the Democrats spying on Trump, manufacturing the fake evidence of Trump/Russian collusion. 

The lies about January 6th, now we know the so called Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot was a manufactured bunch of lies with no convictions. 

Now we are told that the Florida law that bans schools from, introducing any adult sexual content or situations to very young children form pre-k to third grade is somehow an attack on homosexuals. Their companion lie is that they are drawing an equivalence between adults who are homosexuals in the privacy of their own homes to those who target children for sexual grooming.

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