More and More 2020 Ballot Fraud Evidence Coming Out (video)

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich:

Over 60K Voters on Rolls Are Dead, or Registered Twice in North Carolina. Ballot Harvesting Lawsuit in Wisconsin.

Arizona CBS affiliate attempts smear job against Kari Lake. Cancels interview when she wants to record it (video).

Arizona Governor Candidate Kari Lake

The old selective edit video smear job. 60 minutes does it, ABC did it to Sarah Palin, NBC did it to George Zimmerman, Media Matters and MSNBC do it all too often. 

Piers Morgan did this to Donald Trump but was unaware his Trump’s staff also recorded the interview and Trump was able to put the truth to Morgan’s smear job almost on the spot. 

KTVK CBS 5 tried to smear Arizona Governor Candidate Kari Lake, but she stopped them on the spot. What does CBS 5 have to hide? What does KTVK “political editor” Dennis Welch have to hide? 

Study Shows Heart Issues in Children Detected Months After 2nd Dose (video)

Via the Epoch Times: