Not Guilty: Jury found obvious FBI misconduct in so called Gov. Whitmer kidnap plot

Disgraced FBI Director Chris Wray

The Democrats and the corporate media tried desperately to paint anyone who opposes them as domestic terrorists, Parents at school board meetings, those who don’t want schools passing out puberty blockers to grade schoolers, Trump supporters, those who want low taxes… anyone….even if they have to stage it

Well that is exactly what happened here. The so called plot to Kidnap a Democrat politician had more more people on the FBI payroll than it had plotters and the FBI came up with the plot in the first place. The jury saw what was obvious illegal entrapment. 

Red State

In the end, it appears that there was never any serious attempt to kidnap and kill Whitmer. Rather, some men of less than solid repute were herded and groomed to be part of a plot that never would have taken place without the FBI’s involvement. That’s not how any of this is supposed to work. Domestic terrorism plots are not supposed to be invented by the government in order to support the political narratives of a single party. Yet, that’s exactly what it seems happened here.

And don’t kid yourself — none of this happened right before the 2020 election by accident. There’s no doubt in my mind the FBI and DOJ wanted Donald Trump to lose, and what better way to help that along than to make it seem as if his supporters were domestic terrorists?


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Two other FBI agents who handled Chappel were removed from the government’s witness list amid accusations of unethical conduct. Stephen Robeson, a longtime FBI informant and convicted felon, also was fired for committing at least two other crimes while working on the Whitmer investigation. Known to the defendants as “Steve,” Robeson coordinated numerous events including a militia conference in Dublin, Ohio in June 2020 and training exercises in his home state of Wisconsin. After the government accused him of acting as a “double agent” and Robeson threatened to plead the Fifth, Judge Jonker denied defense counsel’s motion to compel his testimony.

Ted Cruz: Biden promised in the campaign no ability for the oil industry to drill. It costs a $100 to fill the minivan, that’s Joe Biden’s fault (video)

“You know what? The person principally responsible for the price at the pump is Joe Biden…. Biden promised in the campaign “No ability for the oil industry to drill”… When it costs you $100 to fill the tank of your truck, that’s Joe Biden’s fault. When it costs a $100 to fill the family’s minivan, that’s Joe Biden’s fault.”

How a Soros Backed NGO Used Ukraine to Cover for Hillary, Hunter, and Target Donald Trump

This is a great read from Eastern foreign press and an outstanding piece of journalism.

Via Kreately News:

In 2014, Soros’s International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) and its grantees were active supporters in the creation of the Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC) of Ukraine, a powerful NGO. Through the end of 2018, 17 percent of AntAC’s funding was coming from Soros’s group.

AntAC is run by Daria Kaleniuk, an American-educated lawyer. White House logs show Kaleniuk visited on December 9, 2015, reportedly meeting with Eric Ciaramella, the CIA employee many suspect is the anonymous whistleblower that sparked Trump’s first impeachment, the source of which was a faultless phone call with Ukraine’s president.

AntAC was responsible for creating the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), a law enforcement group separate from the prosecutor general’s office that was tasked with handling the biggest corruption cases. It has investigatory powers but cannot indict suspects. Only when it passes its findings to prosecutors does a subject of its inquiry become part of a criminal case. The agency was established in 2014 at the behest of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) after its predecessor, the National Anti-Corruption Committee, was deemed a failure. Western governments funded NABU, which also enjoyed the backing of the FBI. Like all the Orwellian names of groups Soros had a part in, NABU acts independently in name only.

With the Obama DOJ’s launch of the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative, aimed at battling large-scale public corruption in foreign states, the State Department, DOJ, and FBI began outsourcing some of their own work to AntAC.

In February 2015, Viktor Shokin was appointed prosecutor general of Ukraine, and was soon scrutinized for helping the owner of the energy company Burisma. Shokin had helped owner Mykola Zlochevsky regain control of $23 million that was frozen by British authorities. Burisma was made famous by Hunter Biden’s involvement in the company, and Zlochevsky was the one who struck the deal to appoint Hunter to the company’s board of directors in 2014 at a reported salary of $83,333 per month.

AntAC’s Stance On Shokin Was Made Clear; It Tweeted On December 2015 That “One Of The Major Goals Of #AntAC For 2016 Is To Force #Shokin To Resign.”

Shokin attempted to begin a probe into Burisma that “included interrogations and other crime-investigation procedures into all members of the executive board, including Hunter Biden.”

This never materialized because Joe Biden (then Vice President) threatened to withhold a $1 billion loan to Ukraine unless Skokin was removed as prosecutor general. Biden even bragged about it on video to the Council on Foreign Relations in 2018, stating that when he attended a meeting with Ukraine’s president and prime minister, he said, “‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a bitch. He got fired.”

Biden insisted the U.S. wanted Shokin removed over corruption concerns shared by the European Union. But in tapes released by Ukrainian lawmaker Andrii Derkach, Biden and Poroshenko reveal that the Ukrainian president admitted to doing Biden’s bidding. The quid pro quo is proven.

“Despite the fact that (Shokin) didn’t have any corruption charges, we don’t have any information about him doing something wrong, I especially asked him…to resign.”
In another recording from March 22, 2016, the two allegedly discussed who would be appointed prosecutor general of Ukraine, and then who would be their eventual replacement. Former prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko was mentioned. The White House issued a press release confirming the pair talked again on this date.

At the end of the call, Biden said, “I’m a man of my word. And now that the new prosecutor general is in place, we’re ready to move forward to signing that new $1 billion loan guarantee.”

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