More Documents Confirming the National Institute of Health Funded “Gain of Function” Research at Wuhan Chinese Lab.

There are so many government documents and emails demonstrating this that Fauci’s denials are simply laughed at. When will Fauci be prosecuted for lying under oath ?

Gain of function is a euphemism for weaponizing corona, flu or other viruses to make them more contagious, deadly or other capabilities. 

The Epoch Times reports: 

Democrats, BigTech, Corporate Media Fuel Race Hate that Lead to the New York Subway Massacre.

While ultimately the people who are mostly responsible for illegal violence are the evil doers themselves, we must recognize that there are people out there who are mentally fragile and get tricked into believing the racial hate and invective the Democrats and their corporate media allies peddle every single day. 

Far left propaganda motivated the Family Research Center Shooter, dozens of mass shooters, the man who went to a Congressional Republican softball game to shoot Republicans and almost killed Steve Scalise. Some take this racial animus to the next level and join “Black Supremacy” ideology as is the case with the New York Subway shooter and the man who plowed his SUV into a group of “white people” in Wisconsin. 
The corporate media tries to ignore these facts to memory hole them.  Big tech claims that their censorship makes people safe, when in reality they are just engaging in election interference on behalf of Democrats. Social media leaves these black supremacist’s alone to make threats online. 

When called out on their hate and smears in court, MSNBC, Facebook and the New York Times told the court that their news/fact checking is nothing but unverified opinion that no reasonable person takes seriously as fact. 

The FBI doesn’t like to admit that these crimes are a problem. They keep spending resources going after parents who protest at school board meetings and trying to frame people who wear MAGA hats. 

Democrats Vote to Allow US Intelligence Agencies to Target American Unvaxxed.

As if Spying on journalists, violating court orders, mass domestic surveillance, and using the FBI to target parents who speak up at school board meetings, in complete violation of the First and Fourth Amendments wasn’t bad enough, the Democrat’s weaponization of intelligence agencies to target political opponents continues.

The National Pulse:

All House Democrats on the Judiciary Committee voted against a proposed amendment to a domestic terrorism bill that would have prevented American intelligence and security agencies from receiving taxpayer funds to “monitor, analyze, investigate or prosecute” Americans unvaccinated against COVID-19.

Rep. Thomas Massie broke the news of the party line vote amidst a Judiciary Committee debate over a domestic terrorism bill via Twitter, revealing “Due to a troubling DHS bulletin, @RepAndyBiggsAZ offered an amendment to prevent the targeting of Americans due to their views on COVID vax.”

”Every Dem. voted against his amdt!,” the Kentucky Congressman continued.

The bill in question, H.R. 350 or the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021, authorizes various federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to use taxpayer-funded resources to “analyze and monitor domestic terrorist activity” and “take steps to prevent domestic terrorism.”

The term “domestic terrorism,” however, has seen its definition reoriented under President Joe Biden, with a recent memo from the Department of Homeland Security claiming individuals spreading “conspiracy theories” and “disinformation” pose a significant threat to American national security.

Proposed amendment to not allow spying based on vax status

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PoliticalArena Editor’s Note: Very often the so called conspiracy theorists and those accused of disinformation end up being correct. More and more the first reaction of the government and the corporate press is to lie. They are criminalizing dissent.

Lab Leak Denier Was Privately Telling Colleagues ‘It’s Possible’ Emails Reveal…

The National Pulse

A signatory of the controversial Lancet journal letter – which prematurely dismissed the theory that COVID-19 traced its origins to the Wuhan Institute of Virology – was privately telling colleagues that it was impossible to “definitively state that the virus could not possibly have come from that lab,” internal emails have revealed.

The news confirms that while the general public were being told to believe something under penalty of censorship, those demanding such beliefs were, in fact, not convinced of their own claims.

The February 2020 Lancet statement – which concluded that COVID-19 occurred naturally, in animals – was leveraged by politicians, scientists, and the corporate media to silence further discussion over the origins of the virus, and the now infamous Wuhan laboratory in China.

Mounting evidence and accounts from intelligence officials across the world suggest the virus actually traces its origins to the Chinese Communist Party-run lab.

Charles Calisher – professor of microbiology at Colorado State University and the top of nearly 30 individuals who signed the Lancet letter – emailed several others scientists on April 19th, 2020, just weeks after the statement’s publication.

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