Less than 2% of Liz Cheney’s Contributors from Her Home State

This is the problem with politics in general. Liz Cheney is bought and paid for and has no financial stake in pleasing those who she allegedly represents.

In fact, Liz Cheney take smore money from Northern Virginia (DC Metro Area) than from her home state. She has amassed a huge campaign money chest in spite of having next to no support at home.

The Federalist:

Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney celebrated a major fundraising haul last week when this year’s first-quarter filing eclipsed $10 million raised for the endangered lawmaker in a competitive primary. After Cheney raised more than $2.3 million this year alone, her campaign war chest with $6.8 million in cash on hand four months before the GOP contest headlined the swamp-focused Politico’s Playbook.

“In previous cycles, it was common for Cheney to raise a few hundred thousand dollars in a quarter, mostly from Wyoming residents,” the Playbook authors wrote on Monday last week, adding, “with the national attention her race has received, money has poured in from across the country.”

The newsletter linked to an analysis of Cheney’s campaign finances from OpenSecrets published before 2022’s first-quarter filing on April 15. Money from California and Texas now make up the bulk of the Wyoming lawmaker’s funding.

Cheney’s re-election bid is also being financed by the same Democrat donors who bankrolled the Lincoln Project. Her first-quarter filing for this year showed little difference, with Cheney raking more from her “constituents” in northern Virginia, where she spends much of her time, than the constituents who first sent her to Washington in 2016.

According to a Federalist analysis of Cheney’s campaign finances to date based on public records from the Federal Election Commission (FEC), less than 10 percent of the dollars Cheney raised came from Wyoming residents. Only about 2 percent of Cheney’s total contributors were from her home state.

In contrast, donors in Northern Virginia with fundraisers featuring Utah Sen. Mitt Romney sent more than $880,000 to the campaign, a full six figures higher than the $780,000 raised among Wyomingites. Cheney raised more than $760,000 from California and more than $720,000 from Texas.

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Hillary Clinton intervenes to try to stop Special Prosecutor John Durham UPDATE – CIA Director Pompeo Knew

UPDATE– See the update at the bottom of this post about how CIA Director Mike Pompeo knew that the CIA and FBI knew that the evidence against Trump was manufactured and fraudulent and did nothing.

Remember when we said that the Clinton’s do most of their criminal activities through multiple layers of proxies which include law firms willing to do their criminal bidding so that way they can claim attorney-client privilege? 

Durham was able to penetrate Hillary’s attorney-client privilege with law firm Perkins Coie by showing the court that it was being used to hide criminal activity. 

Hillary For America has filed a motion with the court to prevent Durham from using evidence from Fusion GPS, a DNC political opposition research firm that was used to manufacture the  phony “Trump/Russia Dossier,” claiming that the work Fusion GPS was doing for HFA was “legal advice.” Previously HFA claimed it was for opposition research.

We do not believe that the judge is going to fall for this, but in case the judge does all it will accomplish id a delay as Durham penetrates the privilege with the court just as he did before.

Do not be surprised if the Clinton’s try to find a way to pressure the judge and/or get a change to a judge they have in their pocket.

One thing is for certain, there can be no claim that “Hillary didn’t know.”

Come on, lie to us again….

HUGE UPDATE – House Intelligence Committee investigator Kash Patel reveals that Trump CIA Director Mike Pompeo knew that the CIA and FBI had the evidence that Trump/Russia was rigged and manufactured and did nothing, letting it go on. Listen to the podcast in the link below:

More details from Kash Patel HERE