Elon Musk knows that the board of Twitter is ignoring their fiduciary responsibility and is in it for political/ideological reasons which runs contrary to the law.

Twitter’s stock has been tanking because the platform has no credibility,. The Board of Directors of Twitter are clearly not working for the betterment of the company and the stockholders. They are in it to push marxist ideology and manipulate elections. This flouting of their fiduciary responsibility is not lawful and will get them sued.

It seems that Elon Musk has them trapped. Either do what is best for the company and accept his more than generous offer which will make the stock holders a sizable profit, or turn down the offer and get sued by it’s stock holders for passing on a boatload of money.

Government/BigTech/CorpoMedia Tries to Pressure Rumble to Engage in Mass Censorship – Instantly Regrets It.

Glenn Grenwald on Rumble

What was censored for misinformation just months ago is now accepted as truth.  How many times have we seen that in the last few years. The COVID Poke, the lockdowns, the biolabs in Ukraine, the Wuhan Biolab, Hunter’s Laptop, the Russia Hoax and more.  The corporate media narrative is usually untruthful. 

Veteran reporter Glenn Greenwald brilliantly exposes who is behind the pressure groups, censor campaigns and bogus fact checking orgs. 

Glenn Greenwald Explains Why Leftists Pretend They Are Against War When Republicans are in Power (video)

War is good for business, at least for the businesses that donate to politicians.  When the Democrats get in power they start more wars then pre-Trump Republicans. Trump worked towards putting an end to these non-stop wars and they hated him for it.