Twitter Board Decides to Implode Their Own Stock and Get Sued Rather Than Present Elon Musk Offer to Stock Holders

Twitter as a company is in real trouble. They have routinely failed to meet profitability goals and have acted for their own personal far left authoritarian reasons rather than for the fiscal health of the company.

Banning Donald Trump was bad for business which is undeniable. Now Twitter is banning Republicans every day including the lady who was raped by Bill Clinton (Juanita Broaddrick) and the entire Pennsylvania State Legislature’s GOP account. As a result Twitter is bleeding influencers and the platform itself is losing credibility by the day. Millions of bot accounts centrally controlled by social media software troll the platform. Even the top ten most followed Twitter accounts rarely tweet.

The Twitter board has a legal responsibility to do what is best for the stock holders. It is obvious that the board could care less about that responsibility. Elon Musk has demonstrated that fact even further for the entire world to see. 

The board members are almost certainly going to face countless lawsuits from share holders as Twitter’s stock falls. It is a safe bet that board members are already working to shield/hide their assets from such lawsuits.

Goldman Sachs estimates that Twitter is worth $30.00 a share. Musk offered $54.20.

Elon Musk is risking everything to stand up for free speech and Western Civilization. It is certain that the Democrats and their corporate media allies will do all they can to destroy him.

The MSNBC clip below was not in reference to Elon Musk but is expressing the same sentiment so it was turned into this meme.

President Reagan’s Interview with Tom Brokaw on January 17, 1989 (video)

The Democrats, after President Reagan left office, tried to rewrite history and claimed that President Reagan was incoherent and suffered from Alzheimer’s while he was in office. This interview just three days before he left office sets the truth to that lie. 

Notice that when President Reagan was asked if he could name a star that he would like to portray him in the future says that he can’t think of a name to play him. This was deliberate as Reagan knew that any actor he named would come under attack by the Democrats and the corporate media. They hated Reagan because he was effective and successful. He won re-election in 1984 with a 49 state landslide. 

BLM Now Stands for Buy Lovely Mansions. Uses Hillary Clinton’s Law Firm Under Investigation by John Durham (video)

BLM used Democratic National Committee organizations (ActBlue) to raise money.  The “charity” money they raised are reportedly being used to find a lavish lifestyle for their leaders and they even bought a mansion.  

Of course they tried to hide this using Hillary Clinton’s law firm Perkins Coie. The same law firm that is under investigation by special prosecutor John Durham who has been tasked with getting down to the bottom of the FBI/DoJ/Hillary Campaign collusion to manufacture evidence against Donald Trump to accuse him of collaborating with Russia. 

BLM raised over two billion dollars. Did they build schools or revitalize a black community? No. The black Americans who put faith in BLM and in the Democrats have been ripped off again.

Special Prosecutor Durham is not leaking to the media and is talking with their motions submitted to the courts. Here is the latest. 

Why a Ukraine No-Fly Zone is Impossible (video)

In short, Russia can cover all of Ukraine with missiles and artillery fired from within Russia proper and/or Russian naval vessels. Also, Russian S400 surface to air missiles in Russia can cover much of the Ukrainian air space which means Russia could shoot at us and we could not shoot back. The only way a no-fly zone could work would be to strike targets in Russia proper which would be WWIII. 

The STINGER mobile missiles we have sent to Ukraine can make short work of Russian helicopter gun ships.