FBI Can’t Find Hunter Biden Laptop Given to Them Three Years Ago. Washington Post Now Admits Hunter Laptop Genuine.

First Politico, then the New York Times and now the Washington Post are admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop cover story that it was Russian disinformation was false. This includes the 51 intelligence officers, mostly CIA, who claimed, without evidence, in an open letter that the laptop was a Russian disinformation plant, all while DoJ officials said that it is genuine.

We are fortunate that the computer technician  that Hunter abandoned his laptop with did not trust the FBI and made multiple clones of the hard drive so that no one could find them all. The technician has been on the run as there are multiple credible threats on his life.

It turns out that making the clones and giving one to President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was a smart idea because the FBI testified to Congress that it has no idea where the laptop is. 

The head of FBI Cyber Division, Assistant Director Bryan Vorndran, tries to make the House Oversight Committee believe that the laptop is not under his purview but everyone knows better. During his testimony Vorndran clearly is squirming in an attempt to dance around the subject to avoid a perjury citation as he knows that Republicans are likely to have a big majority after the upcoming election. 

Representative Gaetz: You are telling me that as the Asst. Director of FBI Cyber you don’t know where the laptop is…”:

You can watch the entire exchange HERE. Gaetz then enters the entire contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop into the Congressional Record. Now no one in the government can claim that they did not know what was in it.

So why admit this now? 

There are several reasons. The most obvious is that with the distractions with the economy, inflation, and the Ukraine war the American people are distracted. It is still some time before the mid-term election. 

Of course since the laptop is legit so are the many scandals that are revealed in it’s contents. There is a grand jury investigating Hunter and there is an IRS investigation. More developments are about to drop. By reporting it now they can get ahead of the story and claim “hey we reported it.”  This also gives them an opportunity to create and test drive various defensive narratives to see what they can make stick with the public.

But the corporate media is still hiding much of the story – LINK.

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Eric Bowling blasts corporate media for lying to cover up the Hunter Biden laptop story and the Biden family corruption:

Law Professor Jon Turley

UPDATE – April 10, 2022

UK Daily Mail: Hunter Biden DID help secure millions for US contractor in Ukraine specializing in deadly pathogen research, laptop emails reveal (video)

Is there no corruption that a Clinton or a Biden is not into? 

So much for the existence of so many dangerous biolabs all within driving distance of the Russian border being a “conspiracy theory.”


But then again, they said that Hunter Biden’s Laptop was Russian disinformation and that was a lie as well. 


The UK Daily Mail explains how Hunter Biden secured funds for Ukrainian biolabs that are so sensitive and dangerous that the US Government and their corporate media cronies went on a weeks long national lying spree to attempt to cover-up.  

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Gay Activist Tammy Bruce Goes Nuclear on Disney for Promoting Sexualization of Very Young Children. Gov. DeSantis Comments. (video)

Tammy Bruce

Marxist “woke” teachers are not doctors, psychiatrists, or their students’ parents.  

Why would corporations , pressure groups and drug companies want very young children aged pre-k through 3rd grade to be lectured to by far left activist teachers about genitals, sex, homosexuality and trying to get them to doubt their own gender identity? Don’t tell your parents they say. 

Actually there are reasons. Drug companies make money from puberty blockers and hormones that schools are buying and giving to children behind parents’ back.

Pressure groups like the Human Rights Campaign raise money from Marxists, pedophilia activists and others to push this agenda.  Marxists believe that children belong to the state, not parents and this is why they receive support from George Soros and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “foundations.” 

Marxists and Pedophiles have always put themselves in positions to go after young children. These activists claim to represent homosexual civil rights, but the truth is that most homosexuals hate these activists.

As Tammy Bruce explains, the last thing homosexuals want is to be accused of going after a child, as pedophiles have always tried to “mainstream” themselves by cloaking their perversions as run of the mill homosexuality. 

Just recently Disney employees were arrested in a child sex sting.


Remember those documents Pfizer wanted to hide for 75 years? Take a look…

The list of nasty list effects is long. They told us the poke was safe and effective. The list of terrible side effects is nine pages long and it is not double spaced. 

The entire trove of documents is HERE

10K Pages of Pfizer Docs Reveal 158K Adverse Events, 42K Case Reports, 1.2K Deaths in First 3 Months:

Federal Govt Paid 100+ Media Outlets to Advertise Vaccines, Coinciding With Positive Stories:


Democrats’ Driving Up Energy Costs at Every Opportunity. Restrict Transporting LNG by Train (video)

The pipeline is the cheapest, safest and “greenest” way to transport liquid natural gas (LNG) and oil. We all know what Joe Biden did to that, unless of course Putin wants a pipeline and then Biden helped him get it done.

The nest cheapest and “greenest” way is by train, so the Biden administration banned that. So now it has to be transported by truck. Their excuse…. “Well a train can derail,” but a truck is perfectly safe it seems. 

Of course then they have to lie about it. They are deliberately hobbling domestic energy and driving up prices one regulatory slice at a time. 

About January 6th and ANTIFA …..

ANTIFA/BLM violence in Washington DC. May 2020

So let me get this straight….

The corporate media still refers to “the deadly events of January 6th” where the only people who died did so of natural causes and a female air force veteran named Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed by a Capitol Hill Security Officer with a history of disciplinary problems including leaving his firearm in a bathroom.  Babbitt attacked no one and harmed no one.

The same standard is not applied to ANTIFA where at least 30 people have been killed as a result of their violence and arson. The corporate media still refers to their actions as “mostly peaceful.”

New York Times Tries to Paint Candace Owens as a Putin Puppet, Instantly Regrets It (video).

The beautiful and tenacious Candace Owens destroys the New York Times’ bogus corporate media narrative and demonstrates how we are being manipulated. 



American Standard of Living Plummeting. Prices Increasing Every Few Days (video)

Niall Ferguson

Famed historian Niall Ferguson along with Jesse Watters and Tucker Carlson show how inflation, Biden’s war on domestic energy production, regulatory radicalism and reckless foreign policy are creating a perfect storm to destroy our standard of living. 

Remember that leftism, as a political and economic philosophy, had a stated goal of eliminating the middle class and the merchant class. 

Disney Employees Among Those Arrested in Child Sex Sting. Disney Objects to Florida Child Grooming Law.

The only reason to want R-rated sexuality and transgender sexual education to very young Pre-K through 3rd grade kids is to groom them for child sex.

Biden Forgets He Said Sections Would Deter Russian Invasion. Informs Troops They Are Going to Ukraine (video)

This is a real problem. Does Biden even know what day it is?

Food Shortages: Democrats’ War on Family Farms & Ranchers Was a Bad Idea

Brandon says there are going to be food shortages and more inflation.
Maybe the Democrats using the Bureau of Land Management, regulatory war, and their pals at Monsanto to wage war on family farms and ranchers was a bad idea. Was it really about making the Earth cooler or was it about donations from large corporate and radical green groups.
Will Jenn Psaki mock the situation and make  another crack about people not getting their treadmills from Amazon?

ybe we need someone is office who knows how to make deals.
UPDATE – The Multi-vectored assault on the global food supply – LINK
Protesters gather at the Bureau of Land Management’s base camp, where the cattle that were seized from rancher Cliven Bundy are being held, near Bunkerville, Nevada April 12, 2014. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management on Saturday said it had called off an effort to round up Bundy’s herd of cattle that it had said were being illegally grazed in southern Nevada, citing concerns about safety. The conflict between Bundy and U.S. land managers had brought a team of armed federal rangers to Nevada to seize the 1,000 head of cattle. REUTERS/Jim Urquhart

JP tells us how to deal with people who believe the corporate media narrative (video)

Know people who are sure to tune in Rachel Maddow so they who they are supposed to be worshipping and virtue signaling about this week, be it Fauci, Pfizer, Zelensky or CRT?
Know the “I support the current thing” guy? JP made this video just for them:

Editor’s Note: We do not like Vladimir Putin. He is a power hungry kleptocrat dictator. Being a power hungry kleptocrat dictator he was easily manipulated and incentivized to invade Ukraine at every turn.
President Zelensky was also manipulated by the west into believing that he could get NATO membership while running the most corrupt country in Europe bilking Ukraine for almost $600 million for himself in a short time. Millions of Ukrainians are paying the price.

Before the invasion Zelensky had been waging war against Russians who live in the Ukrainian provinces bordering Russia and the corporate media has been silent about it. That said while we admire the Ukrainian people’s will to fight off the invaders, when it comes to the political leadership of both countries and Biden, there are no good guys here.

We understand the importance of using economic sanctions to slow down power mad dictators from using their nation’s wealth to advance their own schemes. While we support the sanctions it is important to keep in mind that in the process millions of innocents will suffer. Sanctions did not work to stop Saddam Hussein or the Iranian Mullah’s. Sanctions just slow them down. Keeping Russians from eating McDonalds and Papa Johns is not going to stop the Russian military. 

Situations like this have few “good” answers and every truth is nuanced. The corporate media does not do nuance and they do not do objective reality.

European Parliament Blasts Justin Trudeau (videos)

Couldn’t happen to a nice fascist.

Supreme Court Hearings Meme of the Day!

Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court doesn’t know what a women is… REALLY? Talk about lying under oath. I am not a veterinarian but I know what a dog is…

Joe and Hunter Biden money trail to Russia, China, and Ukraine (video)

According to the Government Accountability Institute and a book by Peter Schweizer, Hunter Biden has received:

$4 Million from Russia. 

$5 Million from Ukraine.

$31 Million from China (CCP).

According to Hunter’s verified laptop 10% for the “Big Guy.” Biden’s influence peddling has been known long before the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Direct link to the video above – https://rumble.com/vvuus0-red-handed-peter-schweizer-on-how-biden-mcconnell-and-pelosi-sold-out-to-th.html

Famed law professor Jonathan Turley comments that the Biden’s have a long history of influence pedaling: