Biden Proposing Total End to Financial Privacy. Snoop Into Your Bank Account.

If Joe Biden gets his way the government will not need a search warrant to snoop on your bank account and where you spend your money. He is proposing yo have every transaction from every bank account with a balance of over $600.00 reported to the IRS. 

There is no way that this won’t be used as a political weapon. The IRA has a long history of being weaponized for partisan purposes. Both IRS Commissioners under President Obama lied under oath to Congress repeatedly about the targeting of Republicans…only to admit everything and apologize for it under President Trump. Of course since they were Democrats the DoJ refused to prosecute. 

The flip side of this particular coin is that such reporting requirements will be very costly, requiring new bank fees to cover them. Call your member of Congress and Senators and demand this stopped. 

Rick Manning

The Biden administration remembers how they used the IRS against their political foes and now wants to ratchet up that power.  Under the guise of increasing enforcement to stop tax evasion, Biden is asking Congress to force banks to send the IRS in-depth records of all transactions for every individual bank account in America that is larger than $600.

Six-hundred dollars, why would the cancel culture warriors in the Biden administration effectively want the banking information for almost everyone in America?  Trust me, they aren’t looking for tax fraud from people with bank accounts of $600.  

What they are trying to do is lay the groundwork for establishing a Chinese-style social credit system in America, by having the ability to have your and my financial records available at any time.  Currently, banks are required to report cash withdrawals of more than $10,000 under the guise of tracking potential illegal drug deals, but there is no reasonable rationale for tracking every Americans bank accounts that are $600 and above.

Some will say, so what?  What harm can be done? And I may have been one of those people in the past, but not anymore.  In the past decade, we have seen the devastation to individual lives done by (Former IRS Commissioner) Lois Lerner’s witch hunt.  An abuse of power, which she paid no personal price for conducting.

We have also seen an out of control FBI lie and make up charges, first against candidate Donald Trump and then President Trump that continued for years into his presidency.  These charges were driven by the FBI and the Department of Justice’s abuse of the FISA Court to legally spy on people associated with the Trump campaign and the President himself – all based upon a politically fabricated dossier.  When the dust settled and they finally had to concede that there was never any legitimate basis for the three year attempted coup, the main career bureaucrat actors in that fraud which did more damage to our nation than anything that occurred on January 6, have not seen a day behind bars, even as they financially prosper for their infamous acts.

We have seen intelligence services use the Patriot Act to spy on American citizens, enveloping the 4th Amendment to the Constitution in high tech obsolescence and no one has gone to jail.

We have seen a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army leak a proven lie about a conversation between the President of the United States and the President of Ukraine, in violation of his sacred trust.  The President got impeached over the lie, while the Defense Department establishment sought to promote the Lt. Colonel.  

We have seen much, much more, and the story remains the same.  Every time we trust the administrative state with power with the understanding that it won’t be abused, it becomes a political weapon against those who seek to limit the scope and power of the federal government. 

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