Mounting Evidence FBI Doing Property Damage at Capitol on January 6th. Video Govt. Was Hiding Unravels “Insurrection” Narrative.

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As readers may recall, at a recent protest in Washington DC the police arrested a man dressed all in black who failed to keep his firearm concealed. The man ended up being a federal agent agitator

The government said that the video below had to be kept secret for “national security” and as you can see for yourself that is just a lie. The government was forced to release this video by the court.

The video shows men dressed the same as the federal agent who was arrested in the video above, break a window and enter the Capital. The video shows them being confronted by Capitol security who after talking with the window breakers for a few moments simply walk away. It seems obvious that the window breakers identified themselves as federal agents.

The FBI is amassing a long list of crimes they either helped orchestrate or let happen.

As Tucker explains, the worst offenders at the January 6th protests who did property damage have not been charged according to government court filings, but the FBI/DoJ is throwing the book at those who followed the crowd and took selfies. Bizpac reports that police seem to have no interest in finding the people who did property damage.  

When lawyers got suspicious that it was FBI agitators who did the property damage and started asking for motions of discovery the FBI came out and said that January 6th was not a coordinated insurrection….so sorry…and even admitted there was no plot (at least by the protestors) in hopes that the courts would follow suit and toss the cases against January 6th protestors so they would not have to face court mandated discovery. 

The FBI/DoJ is refusing to comply with court mandated discovery when it comes to January 6th defendants. 

‘Utterly Unacceptable’: Judge Blasts DC Jail for Not Allowing Jan. 6th Capitol Defendant Access to Evidence – LINK

It is not just Tucker Carlson who has figured this out. Revolver News, Megyn Kelly, Glenn Greenwald and most recently the New York Times is reporting the FBI’s involvement. Former CIA Counterterrorism Officer Buck Sexton spoke the obvious saying anyone who believes Jan. 6 was an ‘insurrection’ is an idiot. Police saw the protestors as such a threat there is endless video of police taking selfies with them

Famed Canadian lawyer Viva Frei published a video explaining how DoJ prosecutors are spreading inflammatory lies in the media about January 6th defendants in hopes of tainting the jury pool.

How many more times must the FBI fail America before something is done?

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