Biden’s aren’t the only ones in his administration taking money from the Chinese (video)

The Biden’s aren’t the only ones taking money from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). President Biden’s point man on China, John Kerry, is also “pulling a Hunter” by having his wife and step son take in huge money deals with China.

Kerry’s step son Christopher Heinz created a partnership with Hunter Biden for a billion dollar private equity deal with the CCP controlled Bank of China, in spite of the fact that neither of them had experience in private equity. 

While Biden’s elites get rich parroting CCP talking points and playing apologist for their slave labor practices, theft on intellectual property and near unlimited cheating on our trade agreements. He won’t even mention the murder of its citizens to use them for the human organ trade other than to say that bringing up human rights abuses threatens talks on climate change.

China is laughing at us on Climate Change. They pressure us to trash our economy, kill jobs, and cause inflation on everything by sacrificing energy independence while the CCP builds a new coal plant every month…and they aren’t clean coal tech plants either. In fact, the CCP uses coal energy to power the factories that build cheap solar panels for us to buy.  

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