Australia goes 1938: Elderly protestors sprayed and beaten, others shot in the back /w rubber bullets.

It has not been well reported in the American corpomedia, but Australia has taken the COVID lockdowns to an extreme even beyond the draconian measures we have seen in Canada. 

Australian government has used armed police to put down political protests, they have pepper sprayed and beaten even the elderly who showed up to protest. They have fired rubber bullets into crowds off protestors indiscriminately. In the video below police are shooting at protestors backs as they run away. 

The left wing human rights crowd are silent of course as they will not critique the left wing government that is in place in Australia. 

The good police are resigning leaving only these clowns. This is what happens when you allow the government to take your guns. 

Poland Joins the International Community of Nations Condemning Australian Human Rights Abuses

Polish MPs protest for Australia’s human rights outside the Australian embassy. Poland has joined the international movement of condemning Australia’s treatment of citizens comparing it’s radical left-wing policies to that of North Korea. Human Rights hold universal values which should be adopted by states worldwide.

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