What do JFK and Donald Trump Have in Common?

Policy wise, there are many similarities between President John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump. 

Both wanted to put an end to endless wars in the most responsible way possible.

Both thought we were over extended and on a path that is economically unsustainable. 

Both warned about the dangers of a corporate media that lost journalistic principle. 

Both wanted to clip the wings of the gargantuan intelligence and domestic surveillance state. 

Both were taking action against a corrupt and overly powerful Pentagon establishment, or “military industrial complex” as Eisenhower put it. 

Both found ways to fight corruption in effective ways. JFK appointed his brother to be the Attorney General who went after a previously untouchable mafia. Trump started slashing the corrupt one sided regulations that big donors had bought and paid for to stick it to competitors. 

Both lowered taxes and increased the wealth of the middle class. 

Both were genuine reformers…..who were attacked and resisted by the bureaucracy at many levels to prevent them from finishing such reforms. 

Famed historian Dr. Niall Ferguson wrote pieces comparing the two

Below are scenes form the film JFK explaining just how much President Kennedy shook things up and the establishment didn’t like it, just like Trump. 

Instead of killing President Trump they waged never ending lawfare against him, openly defied his reforms and manufactured a long series of fake scandals such as “Russian Collusion” and “Ukraine” to keep him distracted. 

One watches these video clips below and it just rings true.

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