Statistically Speaking, why election audits are a good idea

Elections follow certain patterns. Generic voter ID is still pretty much the best indicator of how people who are likely to vote actually will. Those who raise more money locally tend to win more races. The party who has momentum in new registrations tends to win and is a good indicator of voter enthusiasm. 

This list goes on. It is very rare that these trends are bucked in an election. When they are bucked in multiple places that is an indication that there is a problem. So confident in these patterns, the State Department uses them to gauge the elections of other countries to determine if their elections are legit or fraudulent. 

In 2020 in every county where they shut down the vote counting, told Republican observers to go home, only to immediately come back and start “counting” again and used thugs and police to keep Republican attorneys and watchers out by force illegally, bucked these election patterns. That is not an opinion, that is verifiable when these metrics are examined. 

[Editor’s Note – It need to be said that once one side uses force to break the law, nothing they say should be taken seriously. Anyone on that side who did not work to have such behavior prosecuted is an absolute phony when it comes to their commitment to election integrity – period.]

We were not fans of Mike Lindell’s first video on election irregularities, it was poorly produced and did not show enough hard evidence. The second video is a big improvement and presents facts that are verifiable. Here are two short video clips show examples of said election patterns that were bucked. 

The new Star Wars sequels already retconned into an alternate timeline.

Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni at Lucasfilm have already retconned the last three (bad) Star Wars movies and placed them in an alternate timeline. They did it right under Kathleen Kennedy’s nose with the new canon of The Mandalorian and Star Wars Rebels.

Dave Filoni is the hand picked apprentice of George Lucas and there is no way he was going to let Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy undo George Lucas’s legacy. No more blue moof milker Luke. This video explains: